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Almost to a chemo break

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Whew! What a long day yesterday was, left home at 6am heading for the U and thought I would be home around 1:30 at the latest. But my port didn't want to work so 2 1/2 hours were spent dinging around with first heparin and then TPA to get it to work. The nurse even tried to give me my prechemo drugs with a regular IV just to be reminded how awful my veins are, as they wouldn't cooperate. Well needless to say I finally did get my chemo treatment.

Opps sorry cart before the horse. I saw the Dr first and he said 2 more rounds so one more on the 30th. The dose was lowered though because the side affects have gotten severe, or so he said. I didn't think they were that bad, but I know that the skin is peeling off my feet and they itch something awful.

I hadn't said anything but 2 weeks ago I found a lump on the left side of my neck. Not big in size but there. So today the Dr had a look and said it feels like its about 1cm in size and when I have my next ctscan, after my next chemo treatment, we would also include my neck. I said "you wouldn't think it was cancer with my ca125 dropping each month." He agreed that you wouldn't think it was but we can't rule it out either. So now just wait and see boy this cancer sure likes to see how patient a person is. Well I am going to show it with God holding one hand and all my family, friends and prayer warriors holding my other hand we have lots of patience and eventually will win. We have an eternal patience. :-) I know you all understand that one.

I have been really busy doing some more landscaping and finally did finish the raised bed. Enjoying the flowers that are blooming but the bugs are being a little too pesky. Anyone got any suggestions for natural bug repellents that I would dare use. Can't use the sprays that are out because of the skin sensitivity.

We have a little bit of a busy June and on the 17th we are walking the Relay for Life at Kanabec county fairgrounds. I am going to speak at the opening ceremonies. Another opportunity to share my faith and cancer journey.

Wow sorry I didn't mean to write a short story. See what happens when you get lots of steroids. HeHe... what can I blame it on when I get off the chemo and steroids.

Well take care and God bless! Prayers and hugs from me to you! Love Bonnie

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What an amazing attitude that you have! It is obvious that you have a faith that a lot of us yearn for and hope to one day have. Good luck on your speech at Relay and I will pray that your last 2 treatments and ctscan go well.
Live, Love, Laugh

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You go girl! Going through everything that you are and still participating in the relay - that's amazing! You are such an inspiration, to all of us.

I've been working (little by little) on my gardening also. Digging and getting your hands into the dirt is so therapeutic.

So, prayers will continue for you and your family. Hope the last chemo goes well. Thanks for keeping us updated. WIll be waiting to hear from you again soon.

Blessings . . .

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Bonnie, you're a wonder, and an inspiration. It is so good to show a strong face to your cancer!

You might try "Safer" on your plants. It's a soap, and is organic. I used it when I lived out west, but haven't needed to now that I'm back east (could it be because I'm not too close to folks using other pesticides?).

Keep on gardening - and walking!

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Bonnie you are amazing and a inspiration to all. No matter what you are going through you have a way of lifting others up.
God is good and he is a God of miracles TODAY!
God Bless ya and keep us updated. Love and prayers Jan

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