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CT Scan

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Joined: Feb 2004

Got to have my CT Scan today. Dr said it would be for restaging. go to chemo doctor on Tuesday, so say a little prayer for me. Thanks and I love ya.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

Posts: 425
Joined: Jan 2005

Hi Judy:
Hope your scan went well and that it shows no progression in stage-how are you feeling with your flu?- any better?

Posts: 719
Joined: Feb 2005

Hi Judy,
I hope your CT went very well. Have a lovely weekend. And rest for Tuesday.

All the best to you.

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Joined: Dec 2001

You are always in my daily prayers!!

Let us know what you find out.

peace, emily

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Hi Judy,
I am thinking of you. Hoping for a great report.

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Joined: May 2004

May it all be nothing but good news. Try to keep your head up... I will send an extra special prayer your way.


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Joined: Apr 2004

Have been off for a while so just catching up with how things are going for people. Sounds like a rough time you have ad lately but I hope this scan answers a few questions for you and makes the plan for the future a little clearer. Things being unknown and uncertain is so hard to deal with on top of everything else you have had to go through.
Will be thinking of you,

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Good Luck to you Judy. Hoping for some good news.

Linda (Baltimore)

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Joined: Apr 2005

Hi Judy... I hope the CT went well. Try to relax and enjoy the next day or two without too much on your mind. I know it's easier said than done..
Well let us know what the Dr says! Hope it's good news! :-) Huggggs Wanda aka.. Xcw

Posts: 259
Joined: Nov 2004

Hi Judy,

I'm thinking of you as we await your results. Let us know when you are able.

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