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metastatic prostate cancer without perforation of prostate's capsula

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Hi everybody my father had elevated PSA 1 year ago(52) with biopsy negative no symtoms but becauce of PSA amount his doctor finaly decided to opreation.again the pathology result was negative afther 3 month PSA was 83 & bone envolment was prooved cancer is Glyson3 score 6 .now his realy depressed & worry about survival is there anybody with the same experimence with long survival?

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Good morning bitaday,

My Father, now 92 yrs old, was not diagnosed until his PSA was over 300. That was 10-15 years ago. He has been under-going periodic implants, under his skin, and his psa is now in single digits. I will find out the type of drug he is using this weekend. As soon as I do I will let you know. Tell your Father to keep the faith, there is always hope. I'll say prayers for you Dad's health.


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thank you Roger .... I realy feel better now.My father HAS an injection every 28 named Decapeptyl wich is inhibit hypofisial stimalant horomon & flutemide 3 time aday wich is anti androgen .he is 69 & I'll tell him there is someone that had PSA300 & he has his normal life now after 10-15 years.

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I had a PSA over 700 when I was diagnosed by CT scan with metastasis to all the lymph nodes up to my diaphragm. Bone scan was clear. The 700+ has to be doubled because I was on Avodart (dutasteride) at the time, so call it 1500. I was immediately started on Lupron, waiting only to get the bone scan first and start on Casodex to prevent flare from the Lupron. Three months into my first 4-mo Lupron shot my PSA was 1.3. It's too soon to know where this will go or how long it will stay down but so far it seems quite good for starting with 1500.

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My husbands psa was 60 two years ago, he did have cancer, no surgery but had radiation at Vanderbilt using the new conformal and full pelvic, so far psa is under 1. He did have lupron during radiation but not after. Might look into a good radiation center who has the latest treatment. God bless and good luck. Don't stay with the hospital you are at if not happy with the treatment. Linda

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thank you linda.My father has metastatic cancer....So doctors say that radiation does not help him.But I'll look for good radiation center ...Thank you again....

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in jan.2001 i had prostatectomy, my gleason score was 8, i then had radiation treatments and currently i'm on hormonal therapy

the doctors gave me 2o% survival rate the first year. i'm in no hurry to go anywhere soon. medicine makes major break throughs all the time wishing you the very best artguy

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hi, was just curious to know how your dad was doing? i just signed on to this site today. In nov. 2002 my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he lost his battle with this ugly disease on june 3, 2005. and i lost a great dad.. my son lost his best friend...(thats hard)....i am curious because of all different conflicts with levels and scores.. my dad had a psa level of 20, but a gleason score of 10. every part of the prostate gland was positive for cancer. prostectomy or radiation seed implantation were not options to us. only external beam radiation for 6 weeks... after that he was cancer free, for very short period of time. then the cancer came back with avengance...metastatic to the bone, very aggressive cancer in young men. my dad was 60, when he passed. the doctor considered him young....in older men 70, 80, 90, it does not spread as fast...i work for a doctor of internal medicine and am familar with some cancers, and the readings of CT SCANS, X-RAYS ETC.....unfortunately, it was also his priamry care physician and i did read some reports which i should have not. but i was a little bit more prepared for this stressful journey...and i knew i had to be strong for my mother and my son...i was wondering how you were holding up? i will pray for you and your family...you are in my thoughts and prayers...it is not an easy journey when a loved one has cancer and it is the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN that has our anxiety levels high but keep your chin up, think positive and pray....prayers are answered....and please let me know how he is doing and what the doctors are doing for him...thank you.. god bless you....and your family...

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hello cainanangel I'm GP.living in an asian country.& working in a general hospital.Treatment of cancer in my country is different somehow.My father has decapeptyl injection every 28 days.after one injection his PSA dropped from 82 to 2.5.He has no pain.His Glyson no was 3 & the scor was 6.Realy sorry for your dady.In metastatic prostate cancer surgery or radiothrapy is not useful.Prostate cancer has diffrent behevior in diffrent patients.In older men usualy it is not so aggressive.In mot of cases tumor will be resistant to hormonthrapy in about 3-5 years.But some urologists say that afew of patients have long survivor...Now I juat pray & hope that my father would be one of the long survivers...but it is a very very stressful experience...My father is an anesthesist himself and he knows everythings about his ilness....I realy hope that the rest of your family will be healthy and peaceful...& I can imagine how terrible was that experiece....

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