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new guy

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Joined: Jun 2005

I'm new here, but have been doing chemo for two
years. How do you live in a world where everyone
else doesn't have cancer?

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Joined: Feb 2005

Well, you have just found the "new world"!!
Live, Laugh and Love - right here.



And chemo for two years - you are one strong dude!!

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When they ask you how you feel, respond with "compared to what..? Welcome

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G'day Al,
Don't worry about the rest of the world just win your battle . People say to me "haven't you got cancer?" "Had" I tell em .I'm over it now ,from st3 with 6 bad nodes to 7 1/2 yrs clear. Then for mischief I usually point out that they are around my age and ask if they have had a medical check lately. Good luck mate ,fight on Cheers Ron.

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Hey Al,
I'm always amazed at how many people I meet that DO have cancer. I'm just getting used to my 'new normal'. Don't sweat the small stuff..

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You mean some people DON'T? You'd be AMAZED by the number of people out there - friends, aquaintences, strangers, etc. whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Welcome to our club - Lord knows you won't meet anyone here whose life hasn't been touched by the "Dragon".

Cheers, Brother!

- SpongeBob

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Joined: Jan 2005

Welcome to the "club"!

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Joined: Apr 2004

Hi Big Al and welcome.

Sometimes I wonder why. But then I know I can't control most of this, so why not just live and show the ones "without" how to do it!!!!!

Lisa P.

Posts: 205
Joined: Apr 2005

I couldn't have said this better myself! Those who don't have (or have had) cancer can use a lesson from thoes of us who has been touched by this monster. You're a person..with hopes, plans dreams.. feelings.. and YOU can appreciate life and put it into perspective. Show em how it's done AL!! Welcome to the the semi-colons and the best group on the earth! You sound pretty tough..two years..and we're here for you! ~ huggs
Wanda ...aka xena cancer warrior

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Joined: May 2004

Welcome!! I agree with some of the others... more people than we realize are cancer survivors, we just don't talk about it much.

I went to a dinner party with my husband's work last night... everyone knows about my cancer treatments because he needed to take time off from after my surgeries... (back to the story). One of the women he works with came up to meet me last night. She asked me if I had an ostomy, I do. She then told me she got her otomy in '96. Later, my husband asked if that is what we were talking about... he never knew.

It is a tight club, with many members. We simply live our lives and enjoy it!! All people are touched by pain at times. Be strong and be an example for others, when they are touched - they will think of you and it will help them fight!

take care, jana

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Joined: Jul 2002

Hi Al,
Well, a lot of folks DO have cancer. Most of the time we don't know about it. It definitely changes your perspective! We are here for you if you need to talk. This is one fantastic group of people!

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Joined: Apr 2004

Others have said it better than I ever could that this is world where 1 in three people have some sort of cancer within their lifetime. It touches almost every either directly or indirectly at some point.

The othee thing to remember is that though we may call our selves cancer surviviors or cancer sufferers or cancer patients or what ever- that is not the thing that defines us as people. I am a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a doctor and so manyother things.I just happen to also have had cancer. It is somehting I have had- it is not who I am and it does not rule my life.

Keep it in perspective and live your life despite this illness. You are so much more than just a person with cancer.

If you feel like it let us know more about and welcome to this fabulous site.

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Joined: Feb 2004

Hiya Al and welcome to the family. Of course we would all prefer that you weren't with us but think of it this way mate. Although none of us wanted cancer.....none of us would have met if not afflicted by the demon. So I guess in a way there have been some benefits. So stop by Big Al n banter, vent, *****....awwww, whatever mate. Don't forget tho that a sense of humour helps at times too....at appropriate times of course.

Kanga says, "welcome to tha funny farm where life is beautifull all tha time......and they're coming to take me away ha! ha!"

Just think of us as a family of extraordinary talents....love, support, that kind of thing.
cheers, kanga n Jen

Posts: 15
Joined: Jun 2005

Thanks, all. It's good to here from people who know. I was diagnosed about two years ago, and had surgery. My oncologist first talked about probably cured by sugery (his words). That didn't hold up so its been chemo off and on since
then (on right now). I've been able to work most of the time, been to Europe twice (work related), and am off to Germany next week. I follow a lot of the advice you guys gave me, even before you gave it. I keepmy sense of humor, when people ask how I'm feeling I usually tell them better than I look. And I bug people about getting colonoscopies (nobody needs this stuff). Oh, and I live alone, and just mowed the yard (almost an acre). I guess living alone is the hard part for me. Anyway, thanks for all
the encouragement, etc. and I'll probably lurk around here.

Cheers, Al

Posts: 259
Joined: Nov 2004

Hi Al,

Welcome to the funny farm. As you've already seen, this site is full of courage, empathy, wisdom and humor. Congratulations on slogging through two years--TWO YEARS!--of chemo. How are you doing now? Has anyone mentioned to you that there's a colonpalooza reunion in Las Vegas coming up in October? Details elsewhere on this site, or feel free to write in and ask. I haven't been to a reunion with this group but they are a high energy, high spirited group of fighters and I bet they know how to do Vegas right on half ( or less) a colon.

Posts: 15
Joined: Jun 2005

I don't know nothing about Las Vegas in October, but L'll look. I'm supposed to go to Spain somewhere in thre, but I thin Nevada will br more fun. I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me about the colonpalooza in L. V., I couldn't find it on the web site.


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