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Couldn't do chemo AGAIN!

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Hi all, Was to do chemo today, but got less than a mile from home and got sick. Start vomiting. Went home and called chemo doctor. His nurse says there is a virus going around and that is probably what is wrong. She said no chemo today, to protect me and others from catching it from me. So I will try again next Wednesday. Just got out of bed at 9P. I feel my life is so useless anymore. My whole time is spent sleeping. No kind of life. Plus, time for the wig. I was told my hair would thin, but not come out on this drug, Camptosar. Has anyone else had this experience? Well, hate to whine again. I wish everyone who are getting NED diagnosis a big congrats and ask them and everyone to keep praying for the ones that are still trying to achieve that same goal. I love you all and pray for you daily.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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((((((((Judy))))))) Feel better; you remain in my prayers. the other Judy

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Hey there Judy,
Wishing you lots of rest this week and a successful round next Wed.

All the best to you,

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Hi Judy,
Sorry you had to face another setback. I wanted to tell you that I am on the Camptosar. I had major thinning of the hair. It got so bad I had my husband shave my head and went out and got a wig (I wanted to get a long, curly, red hair wig, but I wasn't brave enough-nor did I have enough money for 2 wigs-so I stuck with my short blond style-though it is a little longer than my usual). The wig is kind of fun. Makes me feel pretty. It was tough while I was making the decision-I mean it's not like i lost all my hair, it was just thinning. But, I couldn't take seeing it all over the towels, bathroom floor, my couch, my bed pillow. I'm glad I did it. Hang in there!

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Hiya sweetie....you must be going out in sympathy for me n Jen Judy. We have both had a cold/flu virus for the past week and Jen got really sick with it...vomiting all the time. The virus doing the rounds here in OZ is very hard on the elderly, children and those in ill health. Understandable you are not able to do the chemo sweetie. Hope things improve by next week. Our prayers always Judy, luv, Ross n Jen

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Hey Judy... I hope you feel better soon. Check with your cancer center for a wig. The one I go to has awesome wigs!! at no cost to the person with cancer. They are barrowed, brought back.. cleaned and restyled for the next use. Get some rest~ Hugggs ..Wanda ... aka xcw

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Hi Judy:
Hope it is a virus making you feel so awful and that you can get back to chemo and feeling better real soon. Prayers coming your way--

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Judy, sorry you are having another setback but I know that you will take a hold and fight back like the great fighter that you are. I pray for you often. My hubby is doing camptosar also (this is his 2nd time) and he is losing his hair also. No real big deal for him since it IS sexy on a man and it isn't a real big deal for you either cuz you are REAL sexy anyway.
Take care and God bless you.
Hugs and prayers

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Hang in there. I had the flu this winter and I know what you mean. It was terrible. I hope this is just a little virus that will be over quickly so you can get on with getting better. I am hoping you get a few rays of sun, you sure do deserve it!

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Hello There Sweetie!!!! I'm sorry that you feel so shitty. Please get plenty of rest. I know that you feel like you have been but with everything going around and probably getting a virus it will take the snap out of anyone!!!! I know that you were hoping for a chemo treatment but with your system in such a funk it would of don't more harm then good. Rest and sleep as much as you can so hopefully you can have a treatment next week. How are you doing with the fluid intake and eatting?
I so wish that I could be there for you!!!!!

I am sending you lots of hugs and prayers and especially your favorite -- RAINBOWS!!!!!! If you can get outdside in the sunshine. Even if you need help getting out there. Get in the lounge chair and take a nap or two!!!! I know it helped Bob out when he was feeling poorly after his treatments. He needed help to get there but once he was settled he really relaxed and enjoyed it.

I am thinking of you always!!!!

Love Always!!!


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Judy rest, eat and get ready for chemo next week. Keep fighting...

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Hi Judy,

I'm sorry to hear your news. I wish you speedy healing from this nasty virus. We're all sending you strength and healing wishes.

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Hi Judy,

I just wondered whether you're sitll planning to get your CT scan on Friday. If so, I'm saying a prayer for you. Let us know.

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Judy: this will pass..drink lots of liquids and rest. Keep concentrating on getting those buggars (and bugs) out. Life is never useless.. Nanuk

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HI Grandma Judy, I hope you are feeling alittle better soon, but bed rest is the best. Hell when I get tired I just have to go lay down, and I have a full family and my six yr old daughter, sooo do what you body tells you please!
I didn't mean to toot my own horn as far as the NED, but yes I did but dr still wants to do now 2 more chemos so it aint over yet. I am a strong POLISH woman & I just hope & pray that we are getting this cancer dimished,I am 44 and will win this battle, I hope and you too. think
mine over disease:god bless,

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