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Joined: Aug 2004

I have been really busy lately and just hiding from the world in general fighting the old Depression Bug so I just recently got online to read the latest postings.

I just had to say that you all are THE BEST. I was laughing, crying, laughing, crying, laughing, crying. One moment I am laughing at someone's hilarious post, and the next the tears are rolling because someone is going through a particularly difficult time.

I may not always post but I usually am reading posts here everyday. (Except when this stupid depression rears its ugly head!!) You all mean the world to me and have helped so much not only me but my family and friends as well.

Semi-colons rock!!!

MJay (who really thinks the brown and white bracelets are a must!)

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Do you know what I do when I get really down MJay?
I go find my most favourite piece of music....put in on.....blast hell outa tha neighbours.....then tell 'em it musta been tha juvenile delinquent kid over tha back fence.
Then if I really want to get the neighbouring wives gossiping I go to the letter box with only my "thong" on.
Now I am not suggesting you do that MJay......then again???? mmmmmm????
yup---this semi-thong tries to rock!

"just don't tell Jen what I do when she is working!".....lol!

Posts: 205
Joined: Apr 2005

I think she should hop on a kangaroo armed with a digital camera and send back a photo of your thong! With you in it! That would ceratinly cheer her up don't ya agree mate? :-) One of hot little numbers I bet!

Hey MJay, If you're reading this post...
Have no fear.. Kanga's here
His approach to the thong ..
is all wonng... (ha!)
He needs a loin cloth covered with fur
when we see him in Vegas, well smile fur sure!

Sorry Kanga... couldn't help it.

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Posts: 132
Joined: Aug 2004

See??? There you go again!!!! I am laughing so hard the kids had to come up and see what was so funny.


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