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Hi everyone! I'm doing well! My Alt diet and new approach has me on a path of healing and the lung tumor is shrinking down and desolving before the radiation has had the chance to take effect! How bout that!? Radiologist even admitted he can't take credit for this! I'm weaning off all my medications, and starting to enjoy a little energy as my airway opens! It is such a thrill for me. OK... question: I have a port. As I heal and become well, I'd like to get this taken out. Although I haven't had any issues with it, I don't want to deal with possible problems later. I guess I'm jumping the gun, but wonder when an appropriate time is to have the port removed. Any input out there? Thanks... Huggs Wanda ...aka.. xcw

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WOW! What awesome news!! Comgratulations!!!

I refused to have a port put in (file that under "denial") so I can't really help you with when to have it taken out.

I'm heading to sea today for my last deployment in this ship and I'll be heading up to Washington DC as soon as we return from this trip - I can't wait to hit the beach for a few years - eating nutritiously on a ship is nearly impossible!

Congrats again!

- SpongeBob

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I am having my port taken out sometime next month, so I will let you know how I do. I haven't had any problems with it so far. So, I don't think it should be any problem taking it out. Can't wait though, I will let ya know.

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Hi Wanda,

I am so thrilled for you. It must feel so good to know that your decisions are paying off! I am just switchng to the alt program.It will be a slow transition - finding a juicer and getting my nutritional plan in place - but i look forward it. Any suggestions you can send my way (my e-mail here is down) will be much appreciated!!

As for the port, ask your doc. I see my doc and Nurse Prac this Wed. to tell them of my desision to end chemo early and start an alt approach. My guess, with me, is that I have a CT and then have my port out. I cnnot wait; I know that it is moremental than physical for me.....I think I will feel as if I have made it to a state of being more well; but everyone is different. See what your doc thinks. But, If you have no current plans for chemo in the future, why not have it removed?

Kepp us posted!Best of Luck to you


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Sorry I've no experience with ports. But I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with your news!!! That is excellent....

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I had my port take out about 6 months after treatment ended. Psychologically I wanted to wait for my one year anniversary and a clean CT scan- I had also returned to my job in another state so I had to wait about three months before I came home again to have my surgeon remove it. If you keep it, you still have to get it flushed. Removal was not bad - I had it done at the surgeon's office with only a shot to deaden the area. The shoulder was a little sore and I ended up with another scar -sigh. He asked if I wanted to keep it - so I did! It looks a little like the ball on the bottom of a computer mouse (except mine was a double lumen). I threaten every year to tie a bow on it and hang it on the Christmas tree! All in all I was happy to have it gone.
Hope that helps.


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Thanks everyone for your input. I'll run it by my Dr. after I get the next CT scan and lab results. ~ Hugggs.. Wanda... aka xcw

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Hello There!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Your news is really inspiring!!!!!! I give you so much credit for kicking this Monster in the butt!!!!

I'm sorry that I am late repling to your post. Things here have been very busy!!!!I am hanging in there. With things keeping me busy my mind has not been able to think about the sad moments to much. Thank You for all the support that you have given me through this time!!!!

Love Always!!!!

Keep up the good work!!!


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