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Looking for 2bhealed

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Joined: Apr 2004

I've talked with you a while back and wanted to know some info on some of the vitamins that you take. I tried to email you but my csn network tells me that my home page to email others is not working at this time. Is any one else having this problem???? Anyway 2bhealed if you could email me at elaineschulze@sbcglobal.net I'd like to ask you some questions.

Thanks.....and everyone else out there take care.....

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Yup....I am having the same trouble emailing Emily. I keep getting the "undelivered mail" message. Don't know why that is unless Em's mailbox is full.
hullo Emily?????????

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Joined: Dec 2001

hey kanga!

I have NO idea why your emails are coming back?? Are you sending them to my home addy or my CSN addy?? dang dude, what's up with that??

Whatcha sending me anyway? More teddy BARE photos?

peace, emily who is a computer ding-a-ling and has no idea what's happening to it???

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Hi! I'll try sending her a personal message at her home address and let her know you're looking for her. ~ Wanda

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Hi Elaine!

I emailed you last night and had mispelled your name. Sorry. Will try again!

peace, emily :-)

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