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It's official, I'm a Semi Colon...

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Greetings all,
Just got home from a 6 day stint at the hospital, ahh it's nice to be home. My stay at St.Lukes was very nice, great staff. Let me get you up to speed, I was dx in Dec 04 with CRC (2,5cm) and Liver Mets (3 each about 1cm, 2 on one lobe the third on the other. My ocn and I decided to postpone surgery and see if chemo could help. It did:), after 3 cycles, the spots on my liver were no longer visable via a ct scan and my primary tumor had shrunk to 2.3 cm. We continued another 5 doses of chemo, 8 in all, and did more testing, again, no sign of lesions on tumor and primary tumor shrunk to about 1.5. It was now surgery time. I had my lower anterior resection done last Tuesday and here is what the surgeon found. He checked out my liver said it was "pristine",the 8 lymph nodes he removed came back clean, no cancer!!!, and the he took about 6 inches of my sigmoid colon. I was walking around the hospital 6 hours after my surgery. So far, so good, I'm at home right now, and I feel good all things considered, I know I have a long way to go yet, but I'm couldn't be more happier with the way things are goin.
I meet with the ocn next week, looks like another 6 to 12 doses of chemo, I'm also meeting with the surgeon to disuss his findings in full.
Anyways, hope you all have a happy memorial day weekend, I know I will...

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Well, Buster...

Welcome (officially) to the club! Sounds like you are doing GREAT! Remember, chicks dig guys with scars!


- SpongeBob

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By the way... "St. Lukes"... are you in Milwaukee?

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Yep, St. Lukes, Milwaukee,WI:0)

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They have a world-class hyperbaric facility there. When I was teaching SCUBA, I went with a class over there and we "dove" to 200 feet. Very cool. We all got drunk a heck (nitrogen narcosis). The coolest part was that some people wore those foam rubber flip flops and the air pressure crushed them down to like 1/2 their original size.

Well, all i can say is that if you live in Milwaukee and your liver is "pristine", surely you are not a native!

- SB

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Hey SB,

How did St. Lukes tip you off that he was in Milwaukee?? There are St. Lukes all over the place.

It wasn't like he said he had the view of Lake Michigan or Pabst Brewery or something. Or that he had just finished off a 20 oz prime rib at Karl Ratzches. Or that he was going bowling in Cudahy, eating Polish Sausage, or picking up a couple of brats at County Stadium during a Brewers game.


peace, emily who's been there done that(except for the bowling in Cudahy)

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Em -

You know I'm psychotic... er... psychic

And I could hear that Wisconsin brogue when he said "Seeent Loooook's" yah!

- SB

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Hi Buster,
Glad to hear everything went well. Welcome to the "club".

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That is great news!!!! It's nice to hear good stories like this, my dad was stage 3 now stage 4 with two spots on liver, your story gives me hope!


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That sounds like some great news! I am really happy for you. Here's to a quick recovery so you can enjoy all that good health.

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Hey Buster,

Great news. Glad to hear your surgery came out well. Welcome officially to the semi-colon group. Remember we have a semi-annual semi-colon reunion in Las Vegas in October!!! It will be fun and it would be wonderful if you were up to going.


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Your news sounds good.

Milwaukee??? I'm from Racine!! Wow small world. Don't live there anymore though!

Hope things continue to go well for you from here on out!

peace, emily who is surprised she didn't kill her liver either! (Summerfest! German Fest...)

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This all sounds like good news. Glad to hear it. Hope your recovery continues to go well.

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Hey Buster.....great news!!! Now don't yah go overdoin things tho........take it easy mate!!!Now we can compare scars!!

Hey Emily....tried to send you an email n it bounced back again.......wassa happenin????

Sponger....did tha hyperbarrick (lol!) shrink yah speedo's????

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Great news!!!!! Keep up the wonderful attitude.

Thanks for the inspirations!!!!

Lisa P.

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What wonderful news. After all the crap in my life right now it did me good to read your post and see that there is hope. GREAT.
Doing the Happy Dance for you..

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Hi Buster Brown, Howdy & welcome sorry to hear you had to have surgery but as Bob says chicks love scars! Hope everything works out ok! I don't know your age but that seems to be a plus factor here for us 40ish group, my colon cancer is the one that is hereditary (Sponge Bob knows the true name)and as of so far I am beating this beast and going to try to live better & drink less and not swear and all that.....hello......
I am tired of thinking of colon cancer so I Decided to take the summer off on thoughts of cancer: sounds cool huh, I"ll let ya know soon how that worked out ! But I am a positive thinker and you sound good too, But don't over do it too soon. Best to you
Hugs Amy

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GREAT NEWS!!! I'm sorry that I am late answering your post. I'm glad that you are home and doing well!!! Just don't over due it!!!! Take one day at a time!!!! Enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather!!!!

This is a GREAT club with losts of super people!!!!! They have taken me under their wings and guided me through a very tough year plus!!!!

Hope all continues to go well!!!!

Lert us know how you are doing!!!!

Love always!!!!

Lots of prayers and rainbows heading your way!!


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Welcome to the club. It's great to hear your clear, strong voice on the other side of surgery. Let us know when you start the chemo--we'll be right with you.

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