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Back to wristband colors

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Allright...I've read all the posts from a few days ago about the wristband colors. You guys are NUTS!!! Racing stripes??? UUggghhhh!

Sponger...what's the deal with lumping the Texans and Californians????

I know I'm not a real semi-colon, but I do live with one, and I have no idea what that has to do with anything....uhhhh....oh yeah, chemo-brain IS contagious. Yeah, that was it!!

And lastly, back to my point...anyone can wear a yellow or dark blue bracelet, BUT, a real semi-colon should wear those cool "Grateful Dead" tie-dyed socks like Lisa P (Scouty) was wearing for her family reunion. Ask,...no Demand...to see the pictures.


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Hey, sounds like Jimmy wants to get this thread moving again.

Ah, you can't force these things, Jimmy. They kind of take on a mind of their own.

For instance, Sponge, I was in church today behind a guy with a red wristband on. My heart started racing, my palms started sweating. Just remembering what you said about the Bloods and Crypts. I watched him intently throughout the whole service, being careful not to look suspicious. Wondering if it would be blades or guns out on the sidewalk in front of the pastor?

Finally, I came to my senses and took off like a posse in NYC being chased by the MAN. I shot out of there before the Blood even knew I spotted him. WORD! To live one more day in the shadow of a Crypt. (colored band, that is:))

Barb (who will never remove the Blue colorectal band.......unless......I finda brown and white one!)

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True dat, Home Skillet.

Yo Yo Yo, you be making me laugh and #$%^

I swear, Barb, I am laughing so hard right now I have tears running down my face. Oh my GAWD.

Thanks, Homie

Peace out.

- SB

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Hey Now Jimmy,

If SB lumps California and Texas, it is a compliment to the the big T. I love CA, but I have always had the best times in Texas (incredibly nice people - evrywhere I went).........
The Sponger doesn't know how nice he is really being to us Californians!!


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I swear... One George Strait concert and she thinks she's a pseudo-Texan. I just know he broadcasts subliminal messages at his concerts:

"Texas is really cool."
"You actually LIKE country music"
"You want to buy all of my CDs"
"People from Texas are incredibly nice"
"You always have the best times in TEXAS"

Can't you see it? Isn't the plot obvious? He's trying to take over the world one Californian at a time.

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George is too classy for subliminal messges....he doesn't need them.

And, nah....I'm not pseudo-anything.....well, I hope not!!

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For charity or any other awareness event, I prefer to wear Pink or Red color with white font. Rest of the things depend on event organizer who orders the customized rubber bracelets. Hmm.. Yellow remind me Livestrong bands and no blue preferred.

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I've proudly worn my yellow LiveStrong bracelet for over 12 years. Regardless of Lance Armstrong's faults, he kicked cancer's ***!

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this post originated in 2005. 

Just letting you know. 

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Hey Sue, yeah but this is sure an awesome post!!!  lol  I miss so many people from these Boards with such amazing humor.  I'm about to do a Color Run in September (I'm walking since I can no longer run) to celebrate turning 46-3/4!!!! I can't wait.  I told everyone if I live to see my 47th birthday then I will have a big party.  You know I'm going to pick up some rainbow colored tube socks because this just amazingly AWESOME!!!!!!  I have a blue bracelet someone gave me.  A few years ago I couldn't wear it but now I wear it whenever the mood strikes.

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