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TealRibbon Update

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Hi Ladies,

I have not been doing well as far as my cancer goes. Carboplatin stopped working, numbers and tumors growing.

The good news, I was accepted into a phase three clinical trial of a new form of Taxol called Xyotax. I had my first treatment today. SO far feeling pretty good.

The oncology nurse who administered the chemo said she has one other OVCA patient who is in the trial and she is doing extremely well. Numbers dropping and tumors shrinking.

If any of you think this might be something you might be interested in....here is a URL. Just copy and paste it into your brower window and check it out.


I will keep the board updated as things progress. I hope this works for me and will also benefit warriors in time.


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I'm sorry this has been rough for you. But thank The Lord for the encouraging new clnical trial. It sounds promising!

As always, I'm sending prayers your way. I hope that this holiday weekend you can put everything aside and enjoy some time with family/friends, just to relax. I will wear my teal ribbon today just for you. And if anyone asks me what it's all about, you'll be my story and inspiration.

God bless.

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What a sweet thing to do, wearing your teal ribbon in my honor. You are such a nice lady!

I am amazed at how well I feel today. Went to Sat. evening Mass, then out with family and friends for mexican food. Can you beleive Mexican food 1 day after chemo. I hope this is going to be as easy as it seems. Of course I may just be on a natural high from the joy of hope that this trial has given me.

Thank you again for your kindness. I hope I will be feeling well enough to become a regular on this board again. I lurk and read to see how you are all doing but just have not been up to writing much.


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Dear Sandi,

So sorry to hear the carbo didn't work, but thankful for the new trial. I was so glad to see a post from you. You are one of the people in my prayers everyday. Thanks also for sharing the website. I see my Dr on Thursday and hoping for another chemo break but as you know with an ongoing battle never know what to expect.

I will send up extra prayers for this evening and look forward to reading your next post.

You are such a wonderful, caring, couragous women. I am walking the relay for life this year and will do a bag in your Honor, I did a bag for all the ladies of csn. You have all been such an inspiration.

Prayers and Hugs


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Hi Sandi,

Glad to hear from you. I'm sorry to here the Carbo didn't help, but am very glad to hear of the initial good response from the Xyotax. One of the women in my support group had just had her second treatment in a clinical trial and felt marvelous. She didn't know how her numbers were at our last meeting, but she was very positive they would be good! I'll have to find out what her trial is for and post it if she's continuing to get good results.

Keep up the good fight. We all hope it works for you! I will send some prayers up for you, also.

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