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Remember a year ago??

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Hey everyone, I had my surgery last year on May 20th and was in ICU for 9 days, so when I look at me now and how I was last year....I am better. Better than being almost dead. Didn't know if I would make it last year at this time. It's hard to believe that has been a year, but in a way it just seems like a nightmare that I never want to remember. Love you guys for sticking by me for over a year...when I was so scared. I love ya all. And for the new ones here, you'll never want to leave this site. It is my lifeline a lot of times. Love and prayers, Judy

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I am glad that you are feeling better. I think of you often.


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Dear judy,
I am sooo glad that you can look back and see progress, you are still here!!! AND you have a positive outlook. We all give into despair-- but the important thing is that we get up and keep on fighting. You are an inspiration to me and all of us here. We cheer you on and pray for you. Blessings, neelieC

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Hi Judy...Glad you're feeling better. It's a nice feeling to look back over that difficult time and realize what's been accomplished. It's then that you start to build faith that God does give us strength through friends and family.


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I am so glad you are feeling better and can finally feel positive! Neelic is right! You are an inspiration. You show that we can hit rock bottom in our treatment and still come back! You give us hope! Thank you.

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Hi Judy,
I can't believe it's been a year; and what an incredible year for you. You should be so proud of yourself for having found the strength to get through all that this disease has thrown at you; what a strong person you are!
Hang in there and continue to do well. I visited a friend in the hospital yesterday, who is very sick from chemo and radiation for his tongue and neck cancer; it gave me hope to know that people like you have come back from being so sick and still fight.
Much love and prayers coming your way,
the other Judy

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Hu Judy,
I am so glad to hear that you are feeling well. What a monumental fight! Keep up the good work tough girl!

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Hi Judy...Yep, ya been through a lot! But here ya are! I know it can be tough at times. We've all experienced that. Yes, this site is truely a life saver and the glue to get us all through. Glad you can look back and know it's behind you. Hugggs ~ Wanda

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