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cancer links

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Many of our older "friends" here may already know this link but the "young" new members here might like to take a look. The site is Australian and is a very up to date place for information on all sorts of cancers and related opics. Just thought I would post it again.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

ps.....I used the term "older" as a term of "endearment" mostly for our long term ladies who are originals here from way back.
For the guys it is a way of saying you are "growing old disgracefully".......lol!

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Thanks kangatoo, for the site. I am new on this csn. Always looking for good information. I am alittle scared right now. I go to surgery in 2 weeks for rectal cancer. I don't know what to expect. Any Help?

Thanks, Ron

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No probs Ron.....keep reading your post topic...I will reply there.

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Cool site. Thanks, Kanga.

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I don't think the gals are gonna bite on that one!

Cheers, mate!!

- Bob

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Aw.....yu know how it is Bob.....the more I suck up to them tha more attention we get....he! he!
'Course they could say nothing!!!
listenin', listenin', istenin'......ho hum

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Kanga...don't worry buddy, I'm usually invisible to the female gender too. Except when my 18 year old daughter needs money...then I can't hide anywhere!!! She's like a "blonde bloodhound." Jimmy

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