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checking in

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well I havent been on this site in a while. finally finished six mos of chemo in march. 6 weeks of radiation which fried my ovaries and threw me into early meopause. Last june I was diagnosed with rectal cancer stage 2. Had surgery in august 04 and luckily did not have to have the colostomy bag that I was marked for pre-surgery. three weeks ago I had the port from my chest removed..that hurt like a sumbeach. Had a pet scan everything looked good. due for my yearly colonoscopy in july. this has been a wild year. Got thru so many things I never thought I would. I know I stillhave a long ways to go. But I never forget about this place.. I was so scared and this place helped..it still does. I keep you all in my prayers.. And by the way could someone tell me what the heck NED? means.. take care.. ramona

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Hi Ramona, Great to hear from you; sure has been a heck of a journey; congrats on getting through rads, surgery, chemo, getting the port out....AND the clear pet scan! NED means No Evidence of Disease...great place to be.
Welcome to the waiting room; keep the prayers coming! regards, Judy

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Congrats, ramona!

I'm with my pal, Judy, welcome to the waiting room. Stay NED!

- SpongeBob

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So good to hear from you and great news about your NED. I know it is a long journey through treatment and at times we think we just can't make it one more day, but then we do and we come out NED .......Hooray.

Take care and don't stay away so long


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Hi Ramona.

Congratulations on the great scan results!!!

Feels good, doesn't it?

I have to tell you, as I read your post, I had to check the name and make sure I didn't write it. The only difference was that I haven't had that port taken out yet.

Congrats again.


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Way to go, Ramona! Congratulations on your NED results!


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