Please read this-i need advice and help

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My father was diagnosed with having a cancerous tumor on his kidney. The whole kidney was scheduled to be removed, but the doctors found 2 small cancerous spots on his lungs. They are saying it's only about 2 millimeters. The doctor that was supposed to do the surgery is now refusing, saying he does not perform that type of surgery anymore. My question is, is there possibly a reason why the doc all of a sudden won't perform this surgery. The other doctor is saying it is necessary. Are my fathers chances of the cancer spreading further increased if he does have the surgery. We are so confused, and feel like were getting the run around from the doctors. PLease help, the time is ticking.


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    Get a new Doc -- right away. Get someone who's willing to take the time to explain things to you. Whether this doctor is right or wrong, he sure doesn't sound like he's talking to you well.
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    I agree with Chicago - get a new Doc. right away. My husband was so uncomfortable with his first urologist who was supposed to remove his kidney that he fired him 2 days before scheduled surgery. He was extremely confident with his new doctor and other doctors that came as referals from him. My husband had cancer on his lungs at time of surgery, (as well as many other places) and the doctors were well aware of his condition. Feel free to send me an email here on this site, if you wish.
  • Unless your father has medical reasons not ot have surgery, the kidney tumor nees to come out. See for a support group specific to kidney cancer.