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foods or vitimins

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Does anybody know of a list of foods and vitamins a person with cancer should eat? Before and after surgery and along with chemo. I was thinking along the lines of cancer fighting and for strength etc.

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Hi Deb, Here is a list of stuff that I had when going through cancer: 1) lemons (including the peel) 2) fresh carrot juice 3) apricot juice 4) blueberries 5) oranges Other Stuff: 1) MSM 2) Beta carotene vitamin a 3) Multi Vitamin 4) CoEnzyme Q10 I was diagnoses with a germcell ovarian cancer found at stage IIIc (5 years ago)...i do believe the stuff i ate helped me fight this cancer along with exercising and laughing a lot...yep...peace...joanna

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Joanna sent you a great list to start with! I would like to add some things, but I can elaborate more if need be.

I drank lots of water, stayed away from caffiene, sugars, bad fats. I focused on good oils (olive, etc.), good protein (quite often I used protein bars or drinks to get me through some times of 'no appetite' or 'no taste buds'). I continued my vitamin regimine - multiple, C, E, Cal/Mag, and added Mushroom extract, B-6 (for neuropathy), L-Glutamine (for neuropathy), and Fluorrescence Tea. I also juiced - my husband actually went from health food store to store to get me wheat grass! Quite yucky, but VERY nutrient dense. All of these helped me to maintain strength, fight this awful disease and keep up my nutrients. I kept up my weight training as much as possible, listening to my body and fine tuning my program to suit my needs. I kept up my rebounding (mini trampoline) as much as possible too. REST is vitally important - that's when your body repairs itself and heals.

If you need more information feel free to post again or e-mail me. Laughter, as Joanna said, is definintely great. It really helps your immune system. So, get some funny videos this weekend and kick back and relax. Let your family and other loved ones help you out during this difficult time. And please know that we will be praying for you. Please keep us informed.

God Bless.

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Thank you both so much!! I was making a list and I had some of the things that you both mentioned on the list and added more on my list from both of you! Actually , my husband had just came in to get it just as I was finishing! This is very helpful and I appreciate your responses very much! I was on the Adkins diet before Cancer, now my lifestyle is changing immensely!
Thanks again for the tips! I have a lot of support at home, but I keep coming back to this discussion board. I don't know what it is, I guess being able to communicate with others that have battled or dealing with cancer in one way or another, makes you all special in another way. Thanks again,

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