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official clearance please.

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Joined: Aug 2004

I just found out that my team needs to make a banner for the Relay for Life .

I would like to walk in honor of my friends the Semi-Colons.

Would it be ok, if I put that on the banner? No names, just The Semi-Colons.

Whatchya think?


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Joined: Feb 2005

Why Not? It sound wonderful.
I didn't understand the need for Jose to tke your older posting off. Maybe I read through it too quickly......what was the deal??

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

I was kinda , sort of, maybe, asking people , if they felt inclined, to make donations for the Relay For Life that my daughter and I are going to do.

No no

Can't solicite members for money. I had a feeling I shouldn't have, but went against my better judgement. ( don't do that boys and girls)

I was trying to delete it myself, but couldn't.

No harm done. I learned my lesson.

Barb ( who HATES asking people for money anyway!!!)

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Wow... no soliciting? What about my ads for "http://www.HotColonChicksGoneWild.com"? Man... sounds like I dodged a bullet there!

By the way, Nanuk, when/if you get bored surfing the medical sites... you should really check it out!

Barb - I think the Semi-Colons would be honored if you used the name in your banner. I think Lisa Rose actually holds copyright to the name, though. BUT! The good news is, if she says no, it's a CANADIAN copyright, so it doesn't matter anyway!!

(he just keeps on stirring the pot, doesn't he...)

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Sounds like a good idea to me. We are becoming pretty infamous anyway. Take a photo of the banner so we can all see it!!


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I would be honoured. Wonderful idea. I'll be with you in spirit (and with those others walking....).

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I've always been impressed with the name this group adopted. I think it says a lot about the positive attitudes!
Go for it!

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Great idea Barb!!!!And it is another way of creating a "talking point" to highlight the plight of many of our friends.
I think that colon cancer still has that "taboo"....****....don't talk about it, connotation. We need every ounce of publicity we can get to open the general publics eyes on the subject. Detecting this horrid thing is difficult at best....it should never be a hidden disease.
luv, Ross n Jen

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Oh no... I can see the Sydney Daily Mail headlines now...

"Man runs naked through Parliment to Focus Attention on Cancer"

A man identified as "Kanga" ran naked through Parliment yesterday during a closed session. He said he wanted to get every ounce of publicity and open the general public's eyes on the subject of colon cancer. He went on to explain his nakedness by saying "Discussing this disease has been tabboo for many years - it should NEVER be hidden. Besides, me silk thong was at the cleaners."

Does anyone else see this actually happening?

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I see him running with that teddy bear he likes to pose with.

I love the idea Barb and as Kerry asked, take a photo, so we can see it.

Lisa P.

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Hi Barb,

You are going to love Relay. I can't tell you how awesome it is. The banner idea is great. Anytime I mention "The Semicolons" I always a curious look and then a positive remark about our name. Go for it!



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Take the pic and send it along to us! :-)

The first time I heard the term semi-colon was when my hubby called me that. I laughed so hard I had to tell everyone in the chat room (at the time I actually could get in and spent a good portion of my evenings in there). It has stuck ever since. That was almost 4 years ago. Can you believe it?? It will be FOUR years this August!!!!

Anyway Barb, I think it's awesome that you will make a banner for us.

peace, emily thinks kanga would do it! (go for it kanga! give us some publicity, eh?)

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