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i little more

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i should have sd that i have been off chemo since dec17. so i am little surprised to see any shrinkage at all but again not enough to get excited about but i am going to do what i can to get as healthy as i can. i need to work out again and am going to get going on that. i hope that i am successful. my nodes in the upper tummy area do concern me but i will fight this all the way. right now chemo free and hopefully cancer free someday.


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You go girl!!! That is my exact plan also! I'll be thinking of you.


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nettie -

Sounds like you are taking control and you have a great plan. You are my hero! Go slay that dragon!!

- SB

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You were saying Nettie "some worse, some better"
Now focus on the worst ones gal and in August you are going to tell us thy to are shrinking...aren't you!!!!
Go beat the crap outa the little blighters sweetie!
luv n huggs, Kanga n Jen

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Nettie, anything that isn't worse is fabulous!!! Enjoy the chemo free time. Once I started working out I felt MUCH better. Walks with the family are so nice.

I know I say this to everyone, but yoga is great. It really helps with post-op pain. There are DVD/VCR tapes with stretches and breathing exercises - I love them. Gets you in shape and relaxes you. I imagine the deep breathing cleaning out my lungs of any cancer activity.

Be well. You are forever in my thoughts. jana

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I don't know about the yoga, but the tandoori afterward is always good! YUM!!

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