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results with onc

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i went to see my onc yesterday and he sd that some are worse and some are better. at this point he is going to leave me off chemo and scan me again in august after my kids r back in school. obviously i hope all these nasty things are gone by then. i saw the report and some have shrunk and some are larger but not enough to get excited about one way or the other. it is very little change and i am glad about that. thank you for all your prayers and please continue them for my family. encouragement is what i need and thanx to all of you for that. heres fighting this beast one day at a time and with faith in prayer as my slayers.


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Good news Nettie!!!!

Now you can enjoy your summer and chow down on all those wonderful fresh fruits and veggies as they come into season. They will help build up your immune system so you can slay the buggers. Thanks for sharing and as usual you will be in my daily prayers.

Lisa P.

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Gee Nettie, I wish they all looked smaller. But, look on the positive side, some have gotten smaller, so it is working.

My prayers continue for you. You are another strong, strong person here on this awesome site.



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Hi nettie!

I hope you take scouty up on her advice to eat those fruits and veggies. She has had such a wonderful physical response from her new protocol of juicing and herbs and supplements and green powders!!

I can talk until I am blue in the face for folks to juice and detox, but for it to come from someone like scouty who has tumors in her that are shrinking after her detoxing and juicing regimen, I surely would sit up and listen! :-)


(Champion Juicer--will be worth EVERY penny!!)

You have SOOO much to live for so what do you have to lose?

peace, emily

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Hi Nettie: I'm focusing on the positive news: so glad that some have shrunk (and little change with others). Nice that you can have a break from the chemo -- enjoy. I love your attitude -- fighting the beast one day at a time. Best wishes.

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