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PLEASE!! Prayers for Judy ( grandma )

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Hello Everyone!!!! the last couple of days I had received emails from Judy. Her computor is not cooperating so I am relaying the message for her!!!

She is not doing well and is in need of our support!!!!! This Monster is grabing her with all its might and she is fighting with everything she has and needs our help in this. So if everyone can say an estra special prayer for her tonight she would appreciate it very much!!!!

Unfortunatly her husband Danny didn't get the job that he was so hoping for to ease some of the stress. I pray that he finds the strength to get through this.

I know we all can help them at this time!!!

Judy if you are reading this ---

WE ALL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND ARE PRAYING FOR YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!!!! You are very special to us and we will be there for you!!!!

Thanks EVERYONE!!!!!

Love Always!!!!!


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Hi Sue and Judy, Thank you for the update; know that you continue in my prayers, the other Judy

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I send my best wishes & prayers your way. God Speed.....much love ,Amy

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Judy.....we have been here for you since your first dx. We have followed your incredibly rough journey and continue to send you our prayers, love and support.Danny....Jen knows only too well how hard this time is for you. All our love, Ross and Jen

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Judy, you have been, and always will be in my prayers. You are so strong. You have had so many ups and downs in your journey with cancer. Always with God by your side. He is there now. May He bless you and give you strength.

Love to you,


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You are a strong person and a fighter, you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless... Maggi

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You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting with all of the spirit and strength that you have shown all along.

Best Wishes,

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Judy you sound like a such a strong person, a real fighter, you will get thru this. You are in my prayers.

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Keep fighting Judy you are in my thoughts.

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Judy-- keep on fighting, honey-- don't give up! You are an inspiration to us. I can't imagine how difficult your fight is but I know you are a fighter. We are thinking of you and praying for you and your family. blessings, neelie

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Judy, you never left our prayers.. and we will send out more! Take care and fight!!!


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