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Re-Post - Menopause

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Hi all,

I've been having a lot of problems with web-site. Wanted to re-post about my menopause questions.

I'm still trying to figure out if I want to delay my radiation treatments so that I can have my ovaries moved out of the radiation field to save them from damage and me from early menopause.

I really don't want to delay the radiation treatments. And even if I did get my ovaries moved, I hear they will still get some scatter radiation. Also my ovaries are going to be affected by my chemotherapy regimen. Anyone gone into menopause from FOLFOX + Avastin alone without radiation? I have had four rounds of chemo and I stopped menstruating. I'm not sure if it is a permannet thing or if my period will return after chemo ends.

I called a bunch of docs today to try to get some info but haven't heard back yet..

I'm supposed to start radiation on the 31st with a practice day on the 27th.

I'm very much leaning towards NOT moving my ovaries because I am more scared of not surviving my liver metastasis than complications from early menopause. But of course part of me wonders if I'll regret it, if I get lucky and breeze through my cancer treatments and could have avoided menopause.


Thanks for any input and for the e-mails you have already sent,

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Hi Maria,

I am on FOLFOX - without the Avastin, but it has really messed with my hormones. Called a Gyn - and her comment was: didn't your onc tell you thar this might happen? I guess with side-effects being very individual, he decided not to mention it. So, yeah, cycles can become a mess.

Best of luck. Ihope that you like your docs and that they can provide you with good info. Could you please post what your docs tell you? I am very intersted. Thanks.


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I hope this is not a ladies only post Maria. Just a word of encouragement from me and Jen. We would both like to send your our prayers and support..sometimes us guys get it easier I think.
luv, kanga n Jen

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Hi Maria,

Here's my experience. I am 43, was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer, and have my 3 little ( not so little) girls. I wouldn't have had any more children regardless.

So, my choices were easy. I knew the radiation would put me into menopause, which it did.

I certainly don't miss my period, but, I certainly could do without the hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain. Of course, I am very pig-headed and haven't taken anything that might relieve those side effects. ( I'm working on it though)

It truly is a very personal decision. Weigh both sides and see how you feel. I don't regret any decisions that I have made.

Best of luck to you.


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My onc told me that the chemo regime you are going to get (the same I had)will push you into to menopause while you are on the chemo but once you are off of it and if you are young enough it will reverse itself after you stop the chemo. I am 50 so I don't expect mine to reverse but he did specifically say women in the 20's and 30's almost always go back into monthly cycles.

Hope this helps.

Lisa P.

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Hi Maria~ Just wanted to wish you well and offer empathy re: your recent decisions.

I started radiation & chemo this time last year for stage 3 rectal cancer. I was on 5FU and leucovorin. Fortunately I did not face your tough decision of saving the ovaries. I have had my two children and very comfortable with not having more.

I instantly went into menopause and still to this day suffer it's ill effects. Stubbornly I have fought all pharmaceuticals pushed on me by medical professionals.

I commend you for pushing for more info before making this difficult decision. IT certainly isn't easy. Good luck and please keep us posted.


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Maria, I'm sorry that you have to face this decision. Wish I could help you with it-- how old are you? Do you have kids already? I was 40 when I had my first cancer and had to have a total hysterectomy. I have welcome menopause!! But of course, I should tell you that I already had my family -- easy decision for me-- cancer or menopause. Menopause is not as bad as it is reported for all people. I went through it suddenly due to surgery -- could not have estrogen replacement to avoid more cancer ( though now I have colon ca). The worst has been osteoporosis for lack of estrogen. BUT-- there are good medicines out there that can take care of the osteoporosis and side effects of menopause. Good herbal remedies too!! Think about saving your life first-- the rest will take care of itself. I will keep you in my prayers. blessings, neelieC

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Thanks so much for all the support and shared experiences / knowledge.

I'm 33 and 100% -completely fine with not having children. I actually was originally a little delighted to be faced with losing my monthly mess. But over the weekend I have learned a little more about complications/helath risks of going into menopause early. I read somewhere that woman who do go into menopause earlier are more likely to have a myriad of health problems down the line.

Arghh i still don't know what to do. I'm very close to saying screw it and letting m little ovaries get zapped next Tues.

Thanks again
thank you thank you for your help

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There is always hormone replacement therapy, after chemo tx is over.

There really isn't a right/wrong answer. You just need to do what feels right. Good luck - lots of difficult decisions.

I just got the treatments started because I was so scared to let the cancer have any more time to grow. I do not have ANY regrets about that.

You need to think about what WON'T give you any regrets.

Take care, jana

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