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Hiya all. All is well here.Puta problems solved so guess what??..yu'all gotta continue ta put up with me.I cannot, however let this chance go by to tell you how much we appreciated the help(technically) from our own Lisa(Scouty). I phoned Lisa to ask her to let you know we were off air changing to broadband. Lisa was a wealth of information and helped us solve problems that even the techs here could not do!!
My o my, Lisa is one very talented lady! Talking to her personally by phone has been a pure joy for Jen and I. We love you dearly babe....I just had to let you all know that!
Ross and Jen

(thongman now resumes normal??.....CSN activities...if you could call anything I do normal..lol!)

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Geez Kanga,

Now everybody is gonna think I can help with their computer problems. My motto with mine is "if all else fails, reboot"!!!! As I told you on the phone, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every once in a while!!!!

I hope you got my link about tech support so now you know why they couldn't help.

BTW. I looked up on the map where you live!!!!!

Lisa P.

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I nominate Scouty for the Geek Squad. Nanuk

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Now I know who to call...I've been using my kids for tech assistance! Ohhhh, the humiliation of it all. And she's even international!


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Joined: Feb 2004

He! he!..Lisa...metinks you might be able to start up your own tech serices business...aww..now I gorn done it!
Hey Bud....Lisa tells me she is working on her colondar photo(nother secret out). I am thinking nice pink apple bossoms for the lower region with a lovely red rose on each lung would present a wonderfull colondar "beauty". Your thoughts would be appreciated Bud as you seem to have an eye for flora.(refer your recent colondar pose pic.)
Struth...ah hope the other gals are putting in the effort too?
Jimmy..say hi to Jerri mate and give her our love.Lisa has a one way link to me by phone...the other night she told Jen how to install our broadband hassle free. Needless to say it worked, moreover, Lisa's expertise was "outstanding!".
cheers guys, Ross n Jen

btw....Sponger sent me a blowup of him in his chains. Took three putas on linkup to get it on 3 screens!!.....and he has pimples on his tongue! lol!

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