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low red blood cells-- what do you do?

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How do you folks raise your Hb and Hct when your RBCs are low due to chemo? My dr told me to take iron--- well, you know how great THAT tastes, not to speak about the bad taste in my mouth that I already have constantly due to chemo-- add more bad taste and constiplation-- wee!!!! I am trying different iron rich foods-- what do you kind folks do?-- when it happens to you?

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Whenever I took chemo and radiation, my count dropped, but they started to give me a procrit shot every two weeks, and it really helped alot. Also my dr, had me taking 4 iron pills every day. I did that for about 6 mos. I hope this helps, also sometimes they have to stop your chemo for a little while till your count comes up. Just keep a positive attitude, and pray, it really does change things! Good Luck.

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I was given arenesp initially to boost my rbc, and after about 3 shots, my body kicked into gear and now is producing an adequate amount. I do take 1 iron pill a day, I eat a lot of greens, brocolli, spinich. The iron pill I take is tastless, it's really no biggie...

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Hey Buster, how was the surgery?

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I would get a procrit injection whenever my Hct dropped. Did the trick for me. Judy

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Hi there,
I have been on Procrit during most of my chemo. It has really helped keep my RBC count within the range for chemo, and I haven't noticed any side effects from the injections. My doc spoke of the possibility of muscle pain, I haven't noticed any. I hope this helps!!
Best of luck.

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