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My Mom's PET SCAN Results

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Hi everyone, Just an update on my MOM. She was diagnosed in Feb. with metastisized cc to the abdomen and liver from a stage 1 cancer in a polyp. She has had 4 chemo sessions and got her PET scan results today. In the onc's words the chemo has had "a dramatic effect on all areas". It can no longer be seen in the liver and has shrunk significantly in the abdomen area. We meet with Dr Sugarbaker to see if she is a candidate for the pertineal chemo wash or if they will just continue chemo for awhile first. We are feeling really good with this positive news. It has been a long 4 months with no good news. This news enforces our beliefs that she will be able to fight this monster for a VERY VERY LONG time.

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So glad to hear of your good news!!! it is always good to hear that chemo is working.....not just wreaking havoc with our bodies.

Best wishes to you and your mother!


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Hi Erika,

Glad to hear the good results. I was dx'ed in Feb with Stage IV rectal cancer with liver mets. I also have had 4 chemo treatments. I had good results as well - lots of tumor shrinkage (although my liver spots are still visible). That's awesome that your Mom's aren't visible at all anymore!!!


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That's great. I am so glad to hear the good news. This can be beaten!!!

Best Wishes,

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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dEE

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That's great news Erika! It's great to hear good news.

Linda (Baltimore)

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Here's cheers for a good scan and many more to come.


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Hey Erika, Keep the good news coming! Give mom a hug from all of us.Judy

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Lots of huggies coming from us in OZ for you and mum Erika. We hope that the good news continues for you both, Luv, kanga n Jen

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