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saw a news item on PBS tonight about a new study RE aspirin and CC & Breast Cancer..apparently daily doses of this inexpensive drug are preventing recurrence!

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Yes I saw that on an Oprah show a few weeks ago. A surgeon said that it is a preventative measure for colon cancer and heart. So I started taking 82 mg. baby aspirin. I figured it can't hurt. Also, I have heard this from other sources as well.

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Yes I saw this too! 24% reduction in recurrence! I'm wondering if I should start taking it while I am in treatment or if it is an after treatment recommendation.


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Hi Bud,

Any way you can elaborate? This sounds great; I am just wondering about the mechanism within the Aspirin which is of benefit. Thanks.


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dunno anymore, but you might google it..

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I've also heard about baby aspirin as a possible prevention and or prevent recurrence. My oncologist put me on Celebrex after all my treatment ended, as a possible prevention for recurrence of rectal cancer. Apparently same theory as aspirin, but Celebrex is gentler to your stomach. But then the possible problems with Celebrex (in terms of heart) emerged, so I have gone off it now. But I think I took it for 1.5 yrs.

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I take one every day. There is something about the mineral selenium too. I used to take it daily , but have since discovered that it can be dangerous if overdone. I sure hope the stats are true. They say 55% lower recurrence rate for the aspirin takers!

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