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Avastin Results & Back Question

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Greetings!! I haven't posted in a while..all is moving well with Mom. The Avastin is reducing the spots on the lungs and liver very well. She does have a large spot on her liver still and they are having an MRI done to see if it is just scar tissue-----CTScan apparently can't tell the difference between the live and dead cells...Okay...Mom has been having considerable back pain...she has something on her lower 4th lumbard in her back....anyone had this???? In addition to having the MRI, she is also having a bone density test done. I would like to hear from you guys having experience with this. Dee

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Hi Dee, So glad to hear the Avastin in working! I've never taken Avastin so I don't know if back pain is related?? If it isn't related, it could be stress. Wish I could offer more. Others on this site maight be able to help you. hang in there! Hugggs ~ Wanda

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I'm just here to offer my congratulations as well. Thanks for sharing the news.

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I'm sorry I can't answer your questions, but I am happy that the chemo is doing its job.

Good to hear from you.


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I was on Avastin for four months, but it didn't work. the tumors grew. But anyway, I had no back pain at all, just some nausea and fatigue. Good luck to your mom!!


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Hiya Dee..great to hear some positive results with your mum. Just a word from us for encouragement
love Kanga n Jen

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Hi : )

I was on FOLFOX + Avastin for 4 treatments. I got much tumor shrinkage. I can't completely attribute it to the Avastin, I think its the FOLFOX as well. I am 33 with 2 liver mets. I didn't have back pain or really any big issues with the chemo.

I had PET scans done. They measure the activity of the tumor by injecting you with radioactive sugar. The brighter you tumors are the more sugar they are uptaking and thus the more "alive" and active they are. As a lay person this seems to me like what they should be using to tell if your mom's liver lesions are scar tissue or active tumors. Although maybe MRI can do the same thing, I really don't know much about MRIs or for that matter bone density scans.

I hope you Mom and you get some answers and relief quickly,

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Thanks for your response---they feel that the MRI will let them know what is going on with the back. She is not hurting because of the chemo....I think it is more because of the tumor or whatever it is that is on the back....

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Hi, I was on Avastin for about 5 months last march (04) and I think it helped shrink the tumors in my liver.

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