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I'm new

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Hi all,
I am new to this discussion group. I am a almost 2 year survivor of stage 4 colon cancer. I had surgery, chemo and radiation. I just had a colostomy reversal in Jan, after 18 mos, with the bag. I had a pet scan in April, and am in remission. I enjoy reading the stories, and am glad to participate. God bless us all.

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Thanks for your post. My mom was diagnosed stage 4 in Feb. so I feel encouraged by posts like yours.

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Welcome to the Semi-colons! Congratulations on your fight. Stay strong!


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WELCOME!!!!!!!...and where have you been??? What an inspiring story! I currently have stage IV, but like you, Xena cancer warrior is gonna beat the monster! I bet it was great to get the colostomy reversed! I'm currently doing a little radiation, but I'm involved in Nutrition now. So...tell us what you are doing to stay in remission. I'm really glad you joined us! ~ Hugggs ~ Wanda

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I don't do anything special to stay in remission. But when I had my surgery almost 2years ago, things didn't look very promising for me. But I refused to let cancer take my life. I was only 48 years old, have a wonderful husband. Two grown children, and two beautiful grandchildren. I put up the hardest fight of my life. I endured continuous chemo with 5Fu., leukovorin, and oxilaplatin. While on chemo I had 36 sessions of radiation. I thank God for every day of my life. I belive that I am truly blessed, and he must want me here for a reason, even if its to inspire other cancer patients, not to ever give up. Keep your faith, and prayers really are answered. Good Luck to all.

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Welcome and congratulations on your great two year stretch!!! Thank you so much for your inspiring story.

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Welcome to this group and thanks for sharing your story with us.

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Hi there!
Welcome! It will be great to hear from you!!
Cheers and so glad to hear of your success.

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Welcome. Thanks for sharing your story. It gives others hope that this disease can be beaten.


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Welcome from OZ. "you knew that means Australia?"..course yu did. Great to hear another story of beating all this crap. Yu might like to check out some of the personal pages now that you can call yourself "family". I am sure the personal stuff will be an interest. Keep us informed......so don't go away! Cheers from kanga n Jen

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