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Miracles Do Happen

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On March 29, 2005, I underwent surgery for the removal of a cancerous ovarian cyst, both ovaries, both tubes,and two lymph nodes. After the operation, my surgeon told me that the cancer had spread to other sites: the liver and the colon... That I would require chemotherapy....She later discussed my case with my GP and Gastroentologist to determine the probable origin of my cancer. A follow-up colonoscopy showed a cancerous tumor in the large colon. I am now scheduled for surgery to remove it on May 25th. Thankfully, my oncologist ordered a PET Scan to see if and where the cancer had spread to other areas of my body...Well, I got the results yesterday and the PET Scan showed that the cancer had not spread.... This was great news for me since I had been dreading this second operation. Now, I am looking forward to it! Now, I can see that there will be a happy ending. Once the tumor is removed, all will be well. .... I am sharing this to express that my constant prayers have helped to overcome my tears of distress and misery.... These are expensive procedures and I do not have conventional medical insurance,yet, I will somehow overcome this too...Thank you for allowing me to lighten my heart.

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We can truly thank God from whom all blessings flow! I'm so happy for you. But clarify, please, what they are removing if the cancer hadn't spread. I think I may have missed something in the details.

In any event, my prayers will be with you for a succesful and FINAL surgery. Please keep us informed!


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Thanks for the encouragement...After the first surgery in March, the surgeon told me that the cancer had spread to my liver and possibly the colon.... She contacted my Gastroentologist who contacted me to come in and have a colonoscopy...The finding was that I have a cancerous tumor in the colon... So, chemo is on hold until after the operation on May 25th... My oncologist ordered the PET Scan prior to the upcoming surgery to determine if the cancer had spread to other areas... I probably would have begun chemotherapy within 6 weeks after the first operation had not the colon problem emerged... I have been baffled by all of this... My distress has been caused by the delay; the waiting and facing being opened up so soon after major surgery... Thankfully, the PET Scan results calmed my earlier fears.... I am looking forward to having the colon tumor removed next week and moving on

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Hi Sylvia, thanks for sharing and I know miracles really do happen also. God is good all the time.


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Miracles happen everyday and there are angels who walk among us. I will keep you in my prayers as you go through this journey!

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