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All Hail, Emily !!!!!

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The sole purpose of this thread is to honor one of our own, Emily.

A while back, Bud posted a thread about writing one's own eulogy. Here is what Em had to say:

The thing I want to most be remembered by is my love for my husband and my kids. Being a mother and wife is the most important thing in my life. They are my world. I have little to show for "accomplishments"...no awards....no business savvy that propels me up a "success" ladder....no huge community involvement.....nothing that the world would deem notable. I could care less. I love my husband. I adore my kids. I live a simple content life. That's how I want to be remembered. :-)

Beautifully said. Well, guess what? We have decided that you, Emily, shall be the recipient of the Semi-Colon Humanitarian Award.

Some of your friends here have a few things to say to you:

Emily, such a pretty face, her daughter has one too,
A mothers glow that shines throughout to me and you...and you!
Her Family, her love prevails,
Telling us she has a goal,
To live life to the fullest and gracefully grow old!
ok - so it don't rhyme Emily--a poet I am not--but you get the meaning sweetie!
Luv always...your sincere friends in OZ, Ross and Jen

Emily represents to me hope and faith that this disease can be conquered. She inspires us when we are down and gives us alternatives in a positive and caring way when we feel nothing else will work!
She is as beautiful inside as she is outside. I'm sure others will offer many humorous comments and I may think of some later, but right now I am speaking from my heart to Emily."


" After reading one of Emily's informative posts, I hurried to the bookstore and bought Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick O'Quillan which now has become my "nutrition bible". I have shared it with so many of my fellow survivors. In fact, a friend that is in his final stages of battling lung cancer is now just juicing and taking supplements. He feels and looks better than I have seen him since I met him during chemo.
She has made a difference in many people's lives!"


"Emily you say you've lived a simple and content life.
Your love of family and nature and all that is beautiful around you and your home in the Northwoods is " priceless"...
As the old add for Mastercard would go: There are somethings in life that money can't buy...
Someday you should write a book: How To Beat Cancer With Alternatives
Author: Emily Montgomery
Then the rest of us will all be able to say, " Hey, we know the author, she's our friend...
You're a true inspiration, Emily."

Lisa Rose

"Em loves the outdoors. She has loads of cats, dogs, a pet rat, a goat and Lord knows what else. She has sled dogs and loves to run them in the winter. She mountain bikes, homeschools her kids and has been known to get in her hot tub naked and then do angels in the snow with just her birthday suit on. She is probably the most spiritual person I have ever met. I love the way she walks the talk instead of always talking about it like so many others do. She doesn't do anything half assed, she goes full throttle. I respect her immensely, too. Her sense of humor is wonderful...I mean, who else would have come up with dongs in thongs and torpedoes in speedos!!!!"

Hugs Honey, Lisa

" A short poem for Emily:

You chose to take the natural path, you had so much at stake,
When others chose the chemo way, you said " I will not take."
Many followed in your shoes and ask for your advice,
A recipe, a book to read, you were so very nice.
So now we all salute you, take a bow for heaven's sake.
And now that is said and done, please whip us up a shake!"


"How do I "Award" Emily?
My first impulse was to quash this group adoration of my Guru...then of course, I realized she isn't "mine"...to be real, I don't even know her, except for CSN, but I have to believe that somehow special code words have passed between us, and the relationship progressed..
I know that she is earth mother, free spirit, and totally ( well, mostly) devoid of the usual social/personal hang-ups...a bright and wonderful person who has experienced many paths and chosen her own way, rejecting the rest.
What else can I say? Emily is pure energy; she is here to teach us. She just doesn't know it yet..."


"Em, you have always been one to offer more of yourself than you expect from others. That is a trait in itself. You have always been one to post answers to me. You are a big part of this family of semi-colons and you have made a contribution here for sure. We all love you and present this award to show how much we love you. Thanks for always being there for everyone."

Love and prayers, Judy

"She was such a God send to me!!! She was a friend when I needed one the most!!! She went out of her way to help me during a very difficult time while I was caring for my husband, Bob. I don't even know what I would have done without her at that time. Even after Bob passed away, she has continued to offer me her support!!! She is a very special person. One that God has given me and I am so very grateful for!!! God Bless You - Emily!!!"

Love Always!!!

" I only know Emily through her words and even still, I know she is a determined, smart, and loving person. She's the kind of friend everybody wishes to have for support. Her family must be so grateful she is doing so well. I always look forward to her posts - you can feel her energy and (((((((hugs)))))))."

little julie

"Emily - a mother to us all! You single-handedly convinced me to integrate alternative therapy when no one else could. Thanks so much for being - a wonderful mother, partner, friend, cheerleader. Your presence and spirit are such gifts. You are appreciated and loved."


" At first, I was totally FLOORED that anyone could even THINK that they should try to combat this disease without chemo. I honestly thought she had to be a nut! Then, with each post, I learned that she is strong, brave and a wonderful person. She did more for herself than I really thought anyone could. To totally adjust eating habits and lifestyle to conquer this beast is harder, in my opinion, than just getting "shot up" with medication. Emily has proven to be a dear friend, a true fighter, and remarkable person. Everday is a learning process, and every day is special."



You get my vote for "Most Likely To Confuse" - I mean what crunchy-Granola, northwoods-livin' Birkenstock-wearing chick worth her salt would be a conservative!?!?!? You can turn the world on with your smile. You can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worth while..no..wait..that's Mary Tyler Moore...Michael Moore's Love-Momma, right? Anyway, thank you for showing me all the new and wonderful juices there are out there ( for me to mix my vodka with!) You are the Queen of the Juice! Thanks for all you have done for everyone here. We love ya-me included ( just don't tell art)"


Now my turn:

Em, every once in a while you "meet" someone who touches your heart. Someone you instantly feel a connection with, a bond deeper than a casual acquaintance. I just have this feeling, if we lived closer, we'd be hanging out in the hot tub, drinking smoothies, watching the kids running around having fun. I want to thank you for that.

You have been so helpful to so many. I hope you take pride in that. You should.

You continue to share yourself with us all. You make us smile. You make us feel loved and safe. You have touched so many people here.

"The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring"

Em, we present this award to you, not so that you'll have something to hang on you wall, which you will, but because we all just...well, we just love ya.

"On life's journey, faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man ( or totally cool woman) lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him.

Oscar Wilde.

Baby, you totaly rock. We love you.

Barb and the Semi-Colons

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Joined: Aug 2004

Just wanted to thank everyone for their contributions. For everyone that I didn't have a chance to contact, please add your thoughts to this thread.

Once Em gets her surprise in the mail, I'll be creating a spot in the expressions gallery for her.


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How does one add to the eloquence of discourse already present?

Emily, you have been an inspiration for so many.....I look forward to allowing your knowedge and great spirit (and humour!) to affect me as well.


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I remember reading that post and thinking how lovely it was.
Emily, you have been an inspiration to everyone on this board.

Thanks for you inspiration.

Maureen (who doesn't juice.)

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What a terrific post, Barb...

Thanks for capturing everyone's thoughts in one compendium of Emily-dom.

- SpongeBob
(who, like Maureen doesn't juice... but does hit the sauce!)

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Dear All you FABULOUS Semi-Colons!!

I kids you not but I am sitting here weeping so hard I am scaring Emma!!!

I cannot express enough how moved I am by all your words, your love, your appreciation. Really y'all, I am just totally blown away.

I'll post again when I collect myself and actually see through the tears!! haha. :-)

Man, all I can say right now is:


peace, emily who weeps with a huge smile on her face! :-o

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Barb, count me in on the Emily fan club! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to sing her praises.

Emily, I feel a special kinship with you because I grew up in Minnesota, a.k.a. the Norwegian Riviera, and still return there often to wear Birkenstocks, pick wild blueberries, make snow angels and skinny dip. (I'm a sauna-er, though). Your deep wisdom, generous spirit, and big heartedness always get me where I live. I'm so glad you're part of this board, this family, this crazy, chopped up, glow in the dark, poop praising, celery liquidating community of semi-colons.

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Great post Barb!!!! Thank you for doing it for us all.

Emily, I cried reading it because I knew you would!!!!

Hugs to my hero, my mentor but mostly my friend!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hey, wait a minute!!!!...My turn! EMILY...Xena here. I love who you are, and what you stand for.
You are also a HUDGE inspiration to me with your knowlege, your heart, and your spirit. Like Lisa, you are my hero too. Don't ya ever forget it. To your health sweetie! ~ Wanda ...aka..xcw

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