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Hopeless situation....need info on alternative treatments

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Brother sent home with not much time....we are still hopeful and he is strong...need ANY INFO ON EXPERIMENTAL/ ALTERNATIVE treatments....have heard of 714X from canada and trying it....WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

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You may want to consider contacting the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists can assist you with your question. They are available 24 hours a day at 1-800-227-2345 or by clicking on the "Contact ACS" link at the top of the page.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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What stage is your brother? I was diagnosed with Large B-cell follicular NHL in June 2003, I had eight CHOP chemotherapy treatments, preceded by Rituxin, a fairly new drug that kills cancer cells. Though I was only a stage 1, I have been in remission now for about 20 months with a great prognosis of no return.

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You did not say what type of cancer you have. I am currently in the learning stage on alternatives and would consider Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez if I was in the hopeless stage. Gonzalez seems to be leading the pack on alternatives by focusing on the pancreas. It seems reasonable that to cure cancer, you have to focus on the Pancreas. Here is a couple of blurbs:

If you think Gonzalez approach is not for you, then I would certainly venture into intravenous Ozone Treatment and get the body to heal a bit while I make up my mind.

I am primarily interested in finding people who have gone through the Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). This is the first mention of IPT on this ACS sponsored site, which I am not surprise. All the forces, profit and noprofit, are herding everyone here through the poisons of the US medical system, probably because we are captives of the insurance coverage. If you go alternative, there is no insurance for treatment, even if the alternative is reasonable. IPT can give you the same chemo med with less harm to your body. But you must pay out of pocket: http://getipt.com/iptintro.htm
Lots of Luck!

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My Bad :( You did say the type of cancer on your jlk24, 05-12-2005, 11:32 AM EDT.

For you and other family members that are healthy, I would recommend to take the AMAS test to detect cancer in the early stages and make it part of the regular physical exam. Don't expect your Primary Physician to know about it, you might have to check with a Naturopathic Physician. What a system we have in this great country of ours :( I am now working on getting my whole family checked.
Again, lots of luck to you and yours!

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