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dad gets ct scan next week

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hi guys, dad is scheduled for his ct scan next wednesday so i was just hoping that you guys please keep him in your prayers.

This is the first CT scan since finishing chemo this past February, so I'm just hoping and praying that everything will be ok. I truly do hate the anxiety these tests bring.

Have a good weekend all,


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Hi Susana,

I will be thinking and praying for great tests results next week. Yes, the tests are definitely scary but I know all will be well. Let us know.


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Good luck. I understand your anxiety. My mom has her 1st pet scan after 4 chemo rounds next week too. VERY NERVOUS....

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Dear Susana,

I'm hoping for good, clear results for your dad. I'm always very moved by your concern for him.

Please keep us posted. When's your appointment with the onc after the test?

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again, the test is this wednesday morning and i should know by wednesday afternoon. I work at the hospital in which my dad had the surgery and chemo done and i'm very good friends with the docs in the radiology department, so they usually read the scan right away. I guess that's one of the excellent advantages of working in a hospital.



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