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Pain in rectal area

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I am 6 weeks from a RP and I still have soreness when sitting. In addition, I have a small amount of leakage when I get up after sitting a while. My doc says the pain is normal and will go away. Anyone else having similiar symptoms?

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I'm also about six weeks after RP. I have some soreness when sitting. I use a extra cushion and this seem to help in reducing the dis-comfort. My doctor recommended that I do not sit on a hard chair for a few weeks.

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I had this pain for about 10 weeks. Use a donut cushion for relief and take Ibuprofin or similar. My pain gradually went away. I still leak after 13 weeks but it is improving. I leak quite a bit when exerting such as lifting but this too is slowly progressing. Hang in there and have faith that it will get better. Time and patience will take care of most of your problems.

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I'm 15 weeks out and pretty much experience the same type of things. As Edmund said, it will get better. At one point, I thought that the Kegels were the cause of the soreness, but it gradually went away. I'm hoping somewhere around week 18-20, I can ditch the pads.Keep the faith and hang in there.

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