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Whipple procedure my dad will have....

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My dad will be undergoing the Whipple procedure on 5/23. Drs are pretty optimistic that it hasn't spread, but they won't know definitly until they're in there. I've been reading some of the posts and I'd love to hear others that have had this procedure. What to ask about? What to look for? How curative is this?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Hi I just had the procedure done on 4/26. I usually takes 5-8 hrs, but mine took 11 hrs. I had a 4.6cm tumor(doc was going to stop, but because I'm 35, and in good health, he kept going. Your dad won't be able to eat for about 5-7 days after the surgery. When he can go back to a solid diet, don't eat normal portions, eat small amounts(5-8 times a day, I try not to eat 2-2.5 hrs before testing my sugar(false readings)),(for instance half a english muffin will fill him up, and won't digest as quickly as it used to). Orange juice, milk, and soda will not be his friend for a long while(coffee will be rough for the first month after surgery too). I guessing that he has some type of diabetes going on now(due to the cancer, will continue after the surgery for a while). My blood sugar level is getting better daily(95-160 BSL)(considering that I eat alot of carbs, and anything fattening that I can stand, and am not exercising(trying to put weight back on(137lbs before surgery, 120lbs after surgery). I wish you, and your father the best of luck. I belive that cancer only wins if you let it, so be positive, and don't give up.

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I had the Whipple done two years ago tomorrow. I was 32. The recovery was hard but my health is now fine. I just need to take enzimes three times a day to help me digest my foods. I pretty much can
eat what ever I want. But I do try and stay away from the fats. Best of luck to your father.

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Your Dad had the Whipple on 5/23. What did they find, and where was it done? My wife's Whipple with Dr. Jarnagan at Memorial Sloan Kettering on Februdary 17, 2003, found a tumor at the Ampular of Vader and it was removed successfully. Margins were clear, and 5 of 29 lymph nodes removed we found to be cancerous. 6 weeks recovery from the surgery, then 8 weeks of radiation daily Mon-Fri and chemo 24/7 with fanny pack and pump.All clear 3 1/2 years out. Blessings flow with love and prayer.

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I didn't realize the procedure was in 2005. How are things going at one year out?

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