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Thank God for Mom

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It's Mother's Day and in just a month my mom will be 5 years without cancer. There were a lot of times I took my mom for granted, and there were plenty of times through her treatment I completely denied that she had cancer. It finally hit me when my best friends mom died of the most treatable kind of leukemia. And he gave me the best advice I've ever gotten. He told me to always tell my mom I love her. Mom and I have been closer since she was sick. And despite the rough times I wouldn't trade her for the world. So I'm giving all of you the same advice a friend gave me. Always tell your mom you love her because you never know when she's going to be gone.

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You are so lucky. I lost my mom to uterine cancer on February 15, 2004 - one day after her 72nd birthday. Love her and keep her close.

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