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My Uncle

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My uncle battled throat cancer about seven years ago. He was fine until about four months ago. He started with a hoarse voice, so he headed to the doctors. It seems that his cancer is back and worse then ever. He is being moved to a hospice and is not expected to come out. I am very depressed about this whole situation. I feel guilty because I am a survivoir of hodgkins dx.2002. I also feel scared that because of the history of cancer in my family, I too may have it come back with a vengance! My uncle is 70. I am 38. I have two sons 10 and 8. I just can't stop thinking about all this! Good luck to everyone and if anyone can offer some words of encouragement I would appreciate it. Sandi

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There is no need to feel guilty, each fight is different. Your uncle fought the good fight and won himself seven years that he would not have had otherwise. Stay by his side and give him love...you will always have the good memories.

Peace, Love and God bless you

The Old Hippie

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I think that all of us who battled cancer are living with a great deal of uncertainty. Our lives will never be the same. Be glad that you've come through the treatment. Appreciate all that you have - try to balance your life - live a normal live but know that every day is a gift.

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