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cannot eat

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My husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer in Feb, 2005. He'd been having trouble eating (food got stuck) and now he does not eat at all. He went from 157 pounds to 112. Now he is on TPN (fed by tube through his port for 12 hours each night) and has gained weight...120. Still cannot eat. Has anyone else had this problem and is there an end?

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I think that I can safely say that we all have gone through the eating problem during our treatment.If you have not already found, there are booklets concerning nutrition and eating hints available from the Anerican Cancer Society. Without knowing your husband's situation, I can tell you a little about my progression that may be of some help. It was difficult for me and it had different phases, but I have achieved a new "norm" and eating has not been a major problem. Before surgery I lost weight because the tumor was taking space in my stomach as well as consuming nutients. My oncologist put me on a high protein diet which included a high protein powder for milk shakes. Of course chemo made most things taste bad. After surgery, with 75% of my stomach gone, more chemo and radiation I relied heavily on my gastric feeding tube to keep me going. I adjusted to eating small meals many times a day and got back up from 122 to 146 pounds. I am still, and will probably remain, some 30 pounds below my pre-cancer days. Sorry this was a long answer to a short question, but have him keep working. You can be his best inspiration and cheerleader. Good luck.

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i had the same concern with my wife.She is a 2 1/2yr survivor of linitus plastica/gastric cancer.
she had her entire stomach removed along with her spleen,part of her pancreas and large intestine.
She could not eat anything because she had great naseau.Every hour she would be sick. I focused on trying to make her eat.This was not necessary.she gained more weight on TPN than before her surgery. the quicker i realized that she didn't have to eat the better it was for her.She later had her gall bladder removed followed by another surgery in which they give her a spit fistula with her esophagus coming out the side of her neck.She can now eat anything but it doesn't go to her bowels ,just a bag on her neck.She recently had a colostmy for blockage.They have given her little chance for two yrs but we are still here and strong.

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I was recently diagnosed with Linnitus plasitica gastric cancer. Can you tell me about your treatment, surgery and experiences? Thank you.

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Hi Jan2ch, my mother is diagnosed with similar problem but doctor said she doesn't have gastric cancer. On average, she vomitted biles 7-8 times a day. Sometimes it just very frustrating. My mother and I both from Jamaica. The reason we came because we want second opinion. In February, she was having problem keeping food down, and she cannot eat anything apart from feeding through TPN. She went from 125 to 95. But since she's on TPN, now only weighs 100. The doctor persist giving her chemo but I just want her vomitting to stop. I wish I can help answering your problem but we are still in searching for answers. I hope you and your Husband will get through this hard time. Most important thing is don't give up!.

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