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Scan Results and Next Steps

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Hi all,

Sorry to hear about struggles some are having. This is a very scary disease to be dealing with. I am sorry to hear of the physical and emotional pain some are dealing with.

I had some fairly good news yesterday with my PET scan results. The liver tumors are half the size they were after 4 rounds of FOLFOX + Avastin. Also the SUV numbers, which measure how active the tumor is, were much lower. The oncologist said that on a scale of 1-10 - This was a good "8" kind of result.

I have to admit that I was hoping that my liver tumors would be completely gone! But I'm trying to be very glad about my results so far. Now, I'm waiting for the Doctors to decide whether I should have radiation and continuos 5-FU pump or go directly to surgery.

I am a little nervous about both options. On one hand I don't want to skip radiation because I know how much it can prevent recurrence of the rectal tumor. But on the other hand I am nervous about delaying surgery of removing the liver tumor. I have the impression that they are leaning towards giving me radiation. So I am going to have to live with this liver tumor in me for a while - possibly 3-4 more months (1 month of radiation, 1 month rest, rectal surgery, rest, chemo?, then finally liver surgery).

I just had a nervous thought about my liver tumor. If the liver filters blood. Isn't there the possibilty that some blood will filter through my tumor and spread throughout my body. I have not heard of this but my nervous brain just came up with this.

Thanks for reading! and take care!

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Hi, glad you had good results from the treatment you are on. I would strongly recommend that you focus on the radiation treatment for the rectal cancer as your first fight with this disease. I'm not an expert but from everything I have researched about Rectal Cancer (which I had) radiation/chemo in combination is critical for obtaining a cure. Unfortunatley a recurrence of rectal cancer locally is something like 90% deadly from what I have read. Make sure you are confortable with your Oncoligist's opinion and make sure you look into a second opinion. If I had not done so, the local surgeon would have resected my rectum and not performed a TME (which is VERY CRITICAL). Just my 2 cents. Good luck and you are in my prayers!

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Thanks for your two cents! I think I have read that about rectal recurrance having a bad prognosis as well as a recurrrance being very painful.

I'm don't think I'm familiar with TME. What is it? I'll have to look it up.

I trust my Oncologist pretty much....although he's always in a rush. I see him for a about 5 minutes every two weeks!

Thanks again! and hope you're doing well ... I read about your problems with your ileostomy reversal...I hope your have gotten some relief from the problems.

Take care,

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Keep up the battle Maria.Hopefully your surgeon and oncologist have a plan of attack most suited to your situation. If you are only getting 5 minutes with your onc. it hardly seems time to get a good picture of what they are thinking. True, they can be very busy. I used to make notes of questions that I needed to ask. That way you are armed with them without having to think and hopefully come away with a better understanding of what they propose to do...and in a lot of ways, more detailed. Certainly better than leaving with questions still worrying you.
luv, kanga n Jen

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Thanks Kanga

Yes...it is hard to know how to deal with the docs. I always feel like I am bothering them when I ask a lot of questions. But my sort of shyness in this regard is partially responsible for my years of misdiagnosis of the cancer. So it worries me when I let docs rush me or brush aside my questions. I'm still in process of working this out for myself. I might mention this to my oncologist, maybe he will understand and give me more time.

Thanks for your reply....you're awesome to be so supportive of everyone here! Hope you are doing great.


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hi, this is info on TME which I also had done at this hosp.


My onc. surgeon said alot of general surgeons did not due this. Make sure you find a sugeon that does.

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Thank you Maureen. I'll check out the website more maybe try to view the procedure! and ask the surgeon. I think he is a pretty good surgeon, with lots of practice with colorectal cancer, so hopefully he will be doing the TME. My tumor is broken through the bowel wall, so it sounds like the TME is very important.

Thanks and hope you are doing good today,

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Oh, boy, I love reading your good results. Congratulations!

I don't have any advice, but I wish you well with calming your nervous mind as you and your docs make these decisions. Remember to enjoy the good news!

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