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Support Groups

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I am writing this on behalf of my sister-in-law. She is 29 and was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma yesterday. I was wondering if there were support groups or people dealing with the same kind of cancer that she can contact or just to let her know she is not alone. Thanks!

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I had melanoma on my right arm when I was 23. I am now 29 years old and I just had surgery on liver. I had to have 60% taken out cuz of melanoma. I am not sure of the stage of the melanoma. I was out of it when the doc came in to talk to me. I go see the oncologist on the 31st of May. I am a single mom of two kids. Please let her know she is not alone. There is a bunch of us. I am in Missouri. I am willing to talk to her. Jami (wildred is my user name on here)

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I hope this reply isn't too late for you to see but if you go to http://www.mpip.org/ you will find a wonderfully supportive community of melanoma survivors at all stages as well as caregivers of melanoma patients. Good luck

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hello my name is mike, iwas diagnosed with melenoma skin canceron 3-16-05 not a very good day it was my birthday,it started in my big toe they amputated it then did sentinel lymph node biopsey one comeing back positive,next i had all lymph nodes taken out all came back negative,now i have lymphadema in my leg , im also stage three .i have totally changed my diet to organic and im getting ready to start interfuron for one year.they gave me 50-50 chance that it wont come back and another 10%if i do chemo ,im very atheletic and it has been a tough fight so keep your head up and say your going to beat this if you want to chat you can email me, get better

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Hi,i am a stage4 malanoma.I am 31 w/3 boys.i have been fighting for about a year.If i can be any support to her just let me know.hopes and prayers.....jackie31

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