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Hi all, sorry I'm been gone. Laser therapy went well, but developed temp 100.7 so I went to ER. I was having such a hard time breathing. ER doc said I have pneumonia, sent me home with antibiotics. Then saw my Pulmonologist Tuesday and he came down on me hard (in nice way)I had stopped taking prednizone after laser tx and airways swelled up causing havoc to breath. I don't have pneumonia (atelectasis shows up like this on standard x-ray) Anyway, I'm feeling somewhat better. Full speed ahead now with the next procedure probably this Friday. I'm ruthless with nutrition now and trying to pull up my immune system to give it a fighting chance.
Anyone here ever have brachytherapy? I'm hoping it is as effective as they say. Sorry I haven't been here to post supports... was just trying to breath and open airways. Will be here on and off.

Jen--Kanga...happy to read things are looking up for you two! You deserve it. Luv & blessing ~ Wanda


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    Hi Wanda,
    Hang in there. Sounds like you've got a great attitude, "Xena". I don't have any info to share about brachytherapy but wanted to lend support.