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Shrooms, anyone?

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This August will be three years since my last operation. I am counting the length of my survivor ship in this manner. My oncologist says whatever, but he requires seven years not five before declaring a cure. Do they ever use that word? I plan to--starting now. None of this NED stuff. Cure. Cure. Cure. There I have said it. Hope I don't jinx myself.
Anyway, I have nothing dramatic to report but wouldn't you rather hear a safe boring story? Spring seems to be a vexing time for a lot of folks on this board with all the test results pending. Congratulations to all those who studied hard and passed with flying colours. My best wishes to all who are left doing the Limbo. I have been there and it is hell.
You would think that I could rest on my laurels now but my vegetarian niece comes over with her new baby and pokes around in the cupboards looking for something to feed the kid then gets so disgusted. "You don't need hydrolyzed protein/fructose or corn syrup/msg/red dye #2." According to her there is nothing to eat in our house. So Emily Jr and babe drag us along to Whole Foods and educate us on the perils of eating processed food.
The bossy little wench is right, of course. The pantry is slowly changing its complexion from brown to green. Coke? Get rid of it! Chips Ahoy? Full of partially hydrogenated something. Ramen Noodles? Salty as seawater!
My sister and I have the attitude that nobody needs to live to be 100. Left to our own devices we will probably make it well into our 80's. Our mother is only 88.
Aspaysia, who is glad for every day.

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Oh Asp,

My gut never fails to get a workout when you post. That, and a good shot of medicinal laughter should keep me flying high--no shrooms necessary when you are at the keyboard.

thanks for the workout since I skipped my pilates workout this morning.

peace, emily whose belly wiggles and jiggles with giggles from asp's post

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Thanks for the laughter I received from your post!

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Morning Aspaysia,

Thanks for the laugh. I'm having a mini meltdown this weekend. Must be something in the air..or something.

I think my cupboard would look a lot greener if I could just get rid of my kids and husband!! :)

Can't seem to convert them. Well, I'll keep trying. That's all we can do.

Hey, can you get those mushrooms in a supplement or pill form, so I don't actually have to eat them? I read that article and would like to incorporate them, but I have to be honest, I don't even like to touch them. :(

BTW, my surgeon/colorectal guy declared me "CURED". At my 1 year post surgical PET scan. ( personally I think he uses that term a little loosely), BUT.....I'm taking it!!!!

Go for it, baby!!! You're CURED!!!!


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oh sure they come in extracts and capsules. I took mine in capsule form! (we won't talk about the ones I used to make into tea....with a little Uncle John's Band playing....and well that's a whole 'nother story)

You'll find the capsules at your natural foods store.

Buy green, hog the frig, and they can either put up with it in return for having you alive and healthy .

I had a major meltdown at the beginning when I felt my family was not really "getting it" and what I needed to do....and how our life needed to be. Eventually they evolve.

Now three and half years later, my hubby is drinking greens every morning, my daughter is doing a liver cleanse with me right now, my #2 son has turned vegetarian, and my other girls have grown up loving veggies and fruit. #1 son is off at college camplaining that there are not enough fresh veggies served and they only serve junk food. :-)

So barb, don't give up hope. Just keep hogging the frig. :-0

sorry to hijack your thread for a moment Asp.

peace, emily whose 20# of carrots take up almost an entire shelf.

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Great post!

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Great post neighbor!!!!!

I love Whole Foods. My Dad really likes their "healthy" chocolate eclairs.

Thanks for making me laugh today!!!!

Lisa P.

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GREAT POST!!!!! I like how you put things!!!!!

Keep up the good work!!!!!

You guys are all GREAT!!!!

Love Always!!!


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I'm sitting here at my puta drippin' kiwi fruit juice all over my keyboard!! Asp n Em...it's all your fault!!!
Wonder if Jen bought those bananas? Be right back!!!...........
Yup...good 'ol Jen! Metinks I will have an apple for desert.
STRUTH!....she ate all tha strawberries!

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Another clever post!


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Not necessarily a clever post Kay. Just old age senility and my geriatric ways. Oh..n Jen's extreme love of MY favourite fruits...he he!

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Jeez, can you guys throw around the guilt trip or what?!?!? Jerri's been tryin' to get me on the bandwagon with you guys...IT'S HARD! Man that Ben & Jerry's ice cream is GOOD, I love barbecue, fried okra (it's green inside the crispy coating!) and cole-slaw (more greenery).

I'm tryin' you guys. Yeah, I could try harder...BUT, BUT, BUT.

Aspaysia, you stick with the positive thinking!


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