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wilms - 4yr old just finished treatment

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I have a 4yr old daughter who was diagnosed last June with Wilms stage iv - spread to lungs - had 6wkes chemo prior to surgery, surgery went well, then 6mths chemo and 14 treatments of radiation to tummy area and lymph nodes just above tummy which I am told will make her 1-2cm shorter - is there any surviors out there that had the same as my daughter - i would love to hear from you - they say she has a 75-80% chance of it not coming back within 3 years (remission time)

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The KCA has a Wilms booklet they'll send you FREE of charge: 1-800-850-9132. You can also download it from the website: www.curekidneycancer.org.

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You can join an email support group specific to Wilm's Tumor at http://listserv.acor.org/archives/wilms-kids.html .

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Hello, I am a mother of a 5 year old girl who was diagnosed with Wilms last December 2008 (age 4). She also was stage iv, diffused anaplasia, she underwent 7 weeks of chemo before surgery, had her surgery with right kidney removed. It also had spread to her lungs, more on the right with one spot on the left. She also had 3 straight weeks of radiation. She stopped chemo as of Sept. 11, 2009 and had scans, scans were good. She is due to have scans again Dec. 15, 2009. How is your daughter doing now? I noticed your post was in 2005. I would love to hear from you.

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My daughter is 4 almost 5 and was diagnosed with a bilateral Wilms tumor. We have completed 6 weeks of chemo and are scheduled for surgery next week. They are going to try to salvage as much kidney tissue as possible since she is bilateral. How was the healing process after surgery? How is the scar if you don't mind me asking. they are not sure if she will need radiation. Radiation scares me well it all scares me. Did u find any good support groups? Did they say why the radiation will make her shorter? I hope she is doing good. Take care

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If the scar is anything like my wife's, it is very small.  She had a complete tumor removal and I would say her scar is about two inches and very "clean".  It has disappeared alot over the past year.  They have really advanced in this area of surgery IMHO.  The healing process in my wife was pretty quick, but again her procedure was with only one kidney.  About a week of doing nothing and then her life got back to normal pretty rapidly.  

I cannot comment on modern radiation.  Maybe someone else here can chime in.

We wish your daughter well and she will be in our daily prayers.  Please keep us up to date on how the surgery goes.  Stay strong.

Tom and Holly

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