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Just found this

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I have been apart of this site for over 6 years yet didn't know that this existed. I too am glad to find a place to talk with others who are like me. When I was looking for a support group there wasn't a gay one to be found and people couldn't understand why I wouldn't go to a straight one since this seems to be about women's issues. I have never liked making straight women squirm and that seems to be the case when I talk about my relationship and my love life. Hard to find straight friends that want to support my gay ways, lol.
I am openly gay in the real world but have found myself closeted again on this site. I am not sure of what my son would think of me hiding my true identity when that just isn't me. I haven't talked about being gay anywhere on this site because I know how most people feel. I was so fortunate that my girlfriends mother was one I could share everything with yet sparing my girlfriend from most of my pain. For those who think that cancer can keep people together they are sadly mistaken, cancer drives people apart and we are just fortunate when our lovers are there for us able to stand and hold us up when we needed it. I had been sick for 6 out of the last 8 years and finally feel like we are getting our lives back. But the reality to our lives has never stopped and therefore have had to face so many other tragidies that cancer seems really like nothing now. I am so lucky my girlfriend found it in her to stick this out for our lives have really changed over the years. Remember, as much as one there is the other and that is true in all facets of our lives. Never give up hope for we can be so much better than we were and our lives can be that much better. I always say what the hell I was doing before obviously wasn't working since cancer came into my life. I have done so much to change the coarse of my life and that has given me more hope than I had ever had before through all the years.
I think I have finally mastered what it is I have control over and what I do not.
thanks for being here for me,
Love to all,

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I'm new to the discussion boards, too. Nice to have a place to talk about the effect cancer has on relationships. My partner and I had been together exactly one year (found each other at mid-life) when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been a tower of strength for me, especially keeping me engaged with living when I wanted to give up and sink into depression. We've been making lifestyle changes (food and exercise) together, so that we can be together a long time.

A year ago March (3 years after surgery), we went to Portland to get married. Even though that legal status is now nullified, we celebrate our commitment anyway!

My partner's mother has also had breast cancer and we have formed quite a bond over that.

May you two live long and prosper!

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Hello.... I'm new to the CSN site, new to discussion boards and a lesbian with "boney mets" or breast cancer that has metastasized now to my bones. I had a mastectomy on 911/2000, thought I was finished with cancer since I had the mastectomy but here it is again now in my bones. I can relate to the drain cancer puts on relationships as my partner/best friend of 7 years has started dating someone else while all of "our" friends have "jumped ship" with my partner. Not only am I fighting cancer I'm struggling to pick yourself up or keep going with a failed relationship. I have been searching single and/or lesbian support groups in my area (Southern Delaware) all to no avail. So I've turned to my trusty computer which, right now, seems like my only friend. I make a living with my computer so I know how to use graphic programs but yet I feel extremely incompetent when it comes to entering a chat room or discussion board. So please forgive me if I wasn't supposed to reply the way I have..... just call me the "dumb newbie!" Adlady.

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your not alone!


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