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"here 4 a moment"

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Hiya friends....just turned on but only a short time b4 I have to travel again.(my son needs me to help him at work). In the time I have let me apologise to all those who I have not been able to respond to, particularly our new friends here. I only have time for dear Sue(bsrules) right now, so bare with me guys.
Sue!!!!!My wonderfull dad passed when I was only 13 years old...he was my mate. I have tears in my eyes now just telling you this. My dad meant everything to me...I am now 49(he was 41 when his heart failed him). That means that for 36 years I have felt sad and shed tears for him. Every single new years eve(his birthday) I always wandered off by myself while others celebrated the new year.(Jen knew where I went and always came to find and comfort me). On the 12th of febuary ever year(the day he died) I did the same thing. Dad was my mate, my soulmate, my buddy, everything I wanted in a father and he was taken from me.
But do you know Sue...in the many years that have passed things have become a little easier..yes...I do still shed the tears..but accept that he has gone. It took many, many years. I KNOW deep in my heart that ONE DAY I will see him again. The fear of cancer does not mean I am afraid to die--it is the fear of leaving Jen and my kids...the fear of leaving a life that gives us so many wonderfull things...things we need to look deeply for, a meaning that we are kept here until our time is due. Your love AND loss Sue is of paramount importance to you. Be sad, be angry, be all the things you need to be on Bob's birthday sweetie....but please be thankfull of the time you had together and above all believe that Bob IS looking down on you....he is waiting for you Sue.....not yet tho!
You have so much love to give us all here.Jen and I know you are hurting babe...what can we say??
I have to leave now Sue...but you are so special to us. Please ask for help at your hospital..anywhere!! There are still people out there who care...you just need to keep trying sweetie.

Sue--I think of my dad every single day--and---I know he hears me!!!!!!!
Bob hears you toooooooo!!!!

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Evening all. I posted a new topic here because I also wanted to explain my absence and and knew you would all read it although I also wanted to post a special message to Sue's last post.
Jen and I just had 4 days away on a bit of a short holiday. We both needed the break. Many of you know that Jen's work situation is in limbo and we need her job. Our concerns over my recent tests(no result yet) are also a worry. This week I am going awol again. I have to help my son and also Jen has interviews to attend. We also have a councillor coming to talk to us. All in all it will be a busy week, so lttle time to meet new friends here or post some support for others.Thank you all for your prayers. I will keep you informed as soon as we know any good news. In the mean time be safe and as well as can be expected.......I'LL BE BAAAAACK!
Love always..see yu all asap!
Ross n Jen

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Miss you already.... :-( Wanda

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