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Thanks for your response regarding my recent pet scan results. Initially last year when I was diagnosed I went to a 'local hospital' for the pet scan. After completing 6 cycles of ABVD, I went to Fox Chase Cancer Center for the post chemo pet scan because it was supposedly better. (Hmmm...) Unfortunately he did not have the previous pet scan for comparison. I met with an oncologist this past week at Fox Chase and he compared the two. The only answer I rec'd at this point was to wait 2 mos and repeat the pet scan. In the mean time, I was told to meet with other oncologists for other opinions and also speak with a transplant team so that everything is in place in case the pet has not improved. What do you think? Any input if you can thing of anything is appreciated. Thanks again and best wishes to you! Maureen


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    Hi Maureen, I think that the waiting is what most of us do. Like I said before it could have been anything and not cacer. Did you excercise before your pet? I guess this too can effect the results. I would definately talk to whoever you think would have the best knowledge and answers. I am two years since my last radiation treatment and my last scare with the pet-scan was just a couple of months ago. I am still always checking for lumps! I don't know if I will ever stop! I am also 38 and have two boys 10 and 8. I wish you all the best! Sandi