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So get this...

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Hi all. I had my first follow up visit with oncologist yesterday (3.5 months after surgery). Back in December during my pre surgery CT they found a small 5 mm "thing" in my liver they could not characterize, partly because I have a large hemangioma in the same area. So after surgery they planned for me to have a repeat CT now (had it last week). This time I went to a different scan center (within the same medical center), and a different radiologist read the films. He also read the previous films to compare. He said the 5 mm thing was actually 7 mm, and not only did it not change from the last CT, it was consistent with a cyst based on its characteristics. So...for the past 4 months my wife was afraid that I might have a met (I had a bit more "wait and see" attitude). When we asked the oncologist about it he said the current radiologist was the most experienced they had. Even the written description in the report was more detailed. Just goes to show...there are differences in how radiologists read films. Interestingly, while I did not think I was worried about it, I sure slept better last night than in awhile! And one more thing...the oncologist did not even remember we were watching this 5 mm thing.

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Wow, what a story! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! both on your report and on your amazing "wait and see" attitude. If you can figure out a way to bottle that you could make a fortune.

Anyway, great news. Thanks for writing.

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Similar thing happened to my husband. One year after surgery he had a CT scan which showed two nodules on liver. Read as probable mets and we had to go to Miami (we have no PET scan facility here) to get a PET scan, which showed no malignancy. On his last CT scan, same nodules, no change, no action. Lots of anxiety for nothing...still better that than the nodules being malignant.

Glad you got good news too!


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Hi Howard,

Congrats.....Very happy for your and your wife!
I have, just recently, started to realise how important the Pathologist is to all of us.....or, in your case, the Radiologist.
Lord, they have to be on top of their game - and have good images to work with; or in my case, a mass of matted lymph nodes to sort through to give the all-important count.
They have a huge responsibility, and we hang on their words.....
So glad that these words to you were positive!!!

Best wishes....Enjoy more good sleep..and the days as well.


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Hi Howard! Soooo glad to hear the good word! I feel very fortunate that my Oncologist is on top of the game when it comes to the quality of the film, the machine, and the reading. He considers all, and if he has qestions, he gets another reading. I bet it feels good to sleep well! Sweet dreams and huggggs ~ Wanda

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That is great! I hope your wife is feeling wonderful too.

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Thank you all for the kind words and support! Howard

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