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Hi! New to the site.

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Hi all. I am 26 yo, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme (braincancer) in jan 05. The doctors say median surival is 50 weeks and if I am really lucky I can get a year maybe two. I say I am indestructable and I am gonna live forever, well, in on way or another.....
I have a little girl, she is five yo and the bravest little thing ever.
glad to find a good site to hang around :)

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First of all, I love your attitude about all of this. Those doctors can say whatever they want. I know that God could heal you in a second. I have a 3 year old myself and was just in awe at how she handled her mommy being sick. She was the biggest help to me in all of my treatment. It is good to have you on the site. I will pray for you and your little girl as well. Bless you!

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Thank you blessedgirl, that means alot! Yes the little ones are fantastic are they not. On christmas Elina came to visit me in the hospital, tubes sticking out of my head and a big dressing around it but the thing she found frightening was the grid on the bed! So, we made the staff put me in a wheelchair and then we had a party!

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Hi jbb! Wow, I have to say that your attitude is awesome. I was diagnosed in January 03 and was in shock for... I don't know... Months?! It's so important to have a good attitude. I was told in 2003 that I didn't have very long (I have metastatic colorectal cancer) but I'm still here and doing well. Everyone is an individual and there is always hope! Keep us posted on how you're doing (you will certainly be in my prayers) and remember that we are here if you want to cry/vent/celebrate - anything!


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you are incredible! you sound so confident and serene, and that's just how you should be. just remember that the care you will receive in 2005 is better than it's ever been....and miracles happen. so believe in the power of positive thinking. i will pray for you and your family too. i was diagnosed at 27 with lymphoma, am now 28, and hope to have our first baby soon if my doctors will agree. i think motherhood will help you remain focused on your future. i could go on and on, but just know that there is someone out there thinking of you and sending you strength!


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Hiya JBB, We've allready spoke once but I'd like to say howdy anyway. Hope all is well for you across the pond there.
~Richard Cowie

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I say as you can live as long as you believe in yourself. I was nine and diagnosed with A.L.L. I was a high risk patient, and they said I would not even make it through the weekend. But here I am six years later! I think your daughter will help you get through this. I pray for you and your daughter.

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Thank you all for your warm and positive words. It means so much and I am so glad to have found so much support through the csn. I am doing good so far, squeezing the joy out of every moment with my loved ones.....
Once again thank you all. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.((((((hugs))))))

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Hi and welcome to the site! You have an amazing attitude and it's so refreshing, especially when I had a rotten day! I'm 27 with lung cancer..was diagn at 24. I also have a daughter. She is 7 and amazing. Kids are such amazing little people!

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Wow..first of all I'd like to say that i am, as well as other people, amazed by ur positive attitude! =] You will be in my prayers, and so will your family. I am a young cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 3. I was in remission at the age of 4 and a half, and now i am 14. Keep up the faith, and remember, keep on smiling.

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