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Well.. time to get out the boxing gloves

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Hi All, What a morning.. first a CT scan and chest x-ray, then off to the pulmonologist for the result of the Bronchoscopy. The news wasn't good. Tumor is malignant..Sigh... My Onc is out of town so he is unaware. The pulmonologist suggested maybe a procedure called brackytherapy. This is sort of the same procedure as a bronchoscopy, but they zap the tumor directly inside the lungs and maybe I'll need to do a couple radiation therapies outside too?? Don't know yet. Waiting to hear from the Onc now. Tara honey your not alone, but got my boxing gloves on and ready to do a "Knock-out!"
You'll be in my prayers. We'll be fine. (sort of scared about the radiation though) Huggggs Wanda

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Oh, Wanda -- this was not the sort of "sisterhood" we wanted! I'm so sorry to hear the news -- but I love your attitude. I'll be right beside you in the ring -- we can do this.
My bronchoscopy is Wednesday, and PET on Friday.
Hope you have a satisfying meeting with your Onc.
With prayers and best wishes, Tara

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Girl, you have the right attitude. This too can be beat! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Godspeed.

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Tara and Wanda,

Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know you two can and will beat this disease.

All the "semi-colons" will also be here for you through your fight.


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I am sorry to hear the news about the tumor. I am glad, though, that there is only one and there's the possibility that they can treat it with radiation therapy. Hope you don't have to wait too long for the onc to call you. I hate the waiting! Those boxing gloves are going to come in handy. I love your attitude!

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Wanda & Tara - I'm behind the rest of the semi colons right behind you in this fight. It's amazing how I have no idea what you both look like but care for you both so much! Put on the boxing gloves and win this battle!!!


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Hi Wanda,

I'm so sorry that that your results were not what we wanted. Your spirit and courage will help you through this next battle. I hope your oncologist will be back in town soon so he can explain your exact plan to you. Keep us posted and remember, you are not alone.



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I hate that you both are joining me in the ring, but trust me, the nasty ******* is beatable!!!!! Attitude has a great deal to do with it and you both have loads of that. Lets do the boxer swagger all together now!!!! We should write a semi-colon theme song. I could help write, but you DO NOT want me to sing it. I can barely hum.

Hugs to you both and GIVE IT HELL!!!!

Lisa P.

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Thank-you all!... and it's SWING!...PUNCH!... knockin it silly!!!!... flying out of the ring! whosh...there it gooooes.....

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Hi Wanda,
So sorry to hear about the malignancy...but you sound SO strong right now - at the TOP of your game....no pun intended. Remember, this is your game...like I need to be telling you....you sound as if you are really ready for anything coming your way. I hope your docs can match your enthusiasm for zapping the alien.

Know myh thoughts and prayers are with you to keep this incredible attitude. Lord, I need to take lessons from you - truly!!

Cheers and Hugs,

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Well thank you Maura! I'm up 98% of the time, but have known to get down too. I just refuse to stay down. It's not my style...and I guess I can share another thing with you. This may sound silly, but I think God gave me a message through a dream I had. I dreamed I was in a very strong earthquake and felt helpless. It seemed to last a long time, but then, suddenly it was over. I was laying on my belly. I stood up..dusted myself off, and I didn't have a scratch on me. I think it was Gods way of saying I'm going to be just fine through all this.. and I believe it.
The energy that is used being down takes away our energy to enjoy the wonder of life. I embrace it.. I'm happy to be here. Luvnhuggggs Wanda

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Your dream does sound like a clear message. I have been letting chemo get me down....but not for too awfully long...I'm still rebounding - in spite of the Imodium-loading process!
I'm thrilled that you are staying positive, though....it will help you stay focussed. Keep in touch and good luck with your Onc appt.


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Continue to fight with all you have to beat this BAST***!!!


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Dear Wanda,

Your dream is beautiful. What I especially like in it is that sense that you don't know that the hard times will end--and then they do. We're all in that place, expecting healing despite whatever .bad signs are visible right now. Your courage and spirit are great weapons. Embrace life!

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