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Hiya sweetheart...errr...honey, darlin gal.
Feelin better now?
Ooops--just a bit o cuddling first Andrea..just for you.
Sorry I missed your last post..time zones.grrrrr.I agree with Scouty about the ginger Andrea. This I have posted before to others. I drank ginger ale/beer for nausea. I am not sure what you call it in the states but we call it ginger ale here...non-alcoholic.
Now, what you do Andrea is buy some then unscrew the lid...leave it at room temperature until the "fizziness" goes out of it. A bit like leaving Coke to go flat--we all know how bad that tastes like--yuk!
When the ginger beer/ale has gone flat and is at room temperature,slowly..sip it. The other thing is to chew on "crystallized ginger sweets"
Both of these were a great help to me and also they help disguise the metallic taste.
Hope this helps Andrea.
lotsa luv n cuddles, Ross n Jen

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Just wanted to thank you two! You are such sweethearts and always make me smile! I'm hanging in today. Got to the clinic early, loaded up on two liters of fluid and kytril and made my way down to school (yep, it' s finals time!). My doctor and I are going to come up with a better anti-emetic/hydration regime so it won't happen again (also adding ginger and lemon to the mix next time!)

Love and hugs,

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Hi Andrea,

How are your finals going? You are so amazing, you give me extra strength and hope every time I read your postings. In my book you get straight As.

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