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Alternative Medicines

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Hi to you and thank you so much for all your wonderful words on my postive tests the other day. Several of you have asked about what I am doing so I wanted to respond to that.

There are loads of different alternative approaches. After some research and lots of reading I chose to go the Natural Medicine way.

I need to tell you it was not a snap decision, it was something I researched and read about for several months before I came close to trying to make a decision. It was like an evolutionary kind of thing for me. I must tell you that making the decision to stop chemo and trust in God and things he meant for us to ingest was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Some of my family thought I was crazy and some friends thought I was giving up to the cancer.

What some of them didn't know was I was getting ready to get in the dirty trenches and mud wrestle with the ******* until I beat it or I was going to die trying. I felt completely desperate at the time, It felt like the chemo was killing me and I hated how I felt. I found a Naturopathic Doctor (one with a PhD in Clinical Nutrition) and we worked very closely in coming up with my protocol. Our approach was a 2 pronged approach. One, shrink the tumors while two, reversing the physiology within my body that made the cancer "welcome". Everything I would do would be God made (natural and not man made) with no nasty side effects. If a food was identified that I did not like, we found another one or another way.

I have written up my protocol, but it is an attachment so you will have to send me your home email address (to my CSN email) if you are interested.

Please know that I do not recommend self medicating with supplements, etc. I have known people that have actually done so many that none could ever work and may even have damaged their bodies. I strongly recommend finding a local licensed practitioner (yes they have to be licensed with a good ole government association just like most others). Someone to make sense of it all and then to talk to as you progress.

I am more then happy to answer questions and help if you so chose, but this kind of a decision must be your own.

There are a few books out there that I highly recommend.

The basics of cancer and nutrition (like an encyclopedia but very easy to read) "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillin. A how to book with really good info about Natural Medicine and how you can compliment chemo, "How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine" written by 4 Doctors: Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Tim Birdsall, Dr. Joseph E. Pizzorno and Dr. Paul Reilly. This book is endorsed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (the only Comprehensive Cancer Centers that incorporate an Eastern/Western/Natural approach). I personally think that our own US medical doctors will eventually move into an integrative approach utilized the best of all worlds. Maybe, I just hope that is what they do because it makes so much sense but politics and money will get in the way. Another great book on the basics of Natural Medicine and what God made really means (yes actual passages from the Bible are referenced). It also has a great explanation on the colon and how it works, etc. "The Makers Diet" by Dr. Jordan Rubin.

I have rambled on way too long but if you are interested, send me your email address and I will send along my protocol. I am not cancer free yet, but I am the closer today that I have ever been but this is by no means any kind of an endorsement. I get nothing from this other then helping others with alternative approaches.

Lisa P.

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Lisa, Hi.

I just read your other post. Congratulations. You must feel so great!!



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I'm so happy for you, Lisa. You have inspired me with your positive test results and attitudes. I will start my first round of chemo this Thursday. I have taken strong faith in God. Still scared but peaceful in some way...

I will continue to keep you in my prayer.

Congratulations again...

I'll send you e-mail to get the protocol. Thanks for the sharing!!

Rosa (NY)

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Atta gal Lisa......such a strong and positive approach...and it seems to be working!!!Chemo is a poison..we all know that but essentially everything we do in todays techno world seems to involve poisons/toxins. There is no doubt that chemo has its advantages and it works. But there is always scope for alternatives because if it didn't work there would be a lot of alternative therapists out of a job! Anything that is proven to be NOT usefull in this world eventually ends on the scrap heap. Natural therapy has been around for century's..and for that matter so has spiritual healing. Having faith in what you decide to do has to lead to a better physical and emotional state. If chemo proves to be too hard on us then is it not "natural" to seek something that not only builds the bodies defences but also helps emotionally. I think there is room for both avenues.
As long as the individual is confortable with their choice---go for it!
Well done Lisa and Emily!!!
love n huggs always, Ross n Jen

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience, and advice to those that may want to take an alternative approach. I know I'm thinking about it. I'm glad it's working for you! Huggggs ~ Wanda

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