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Two years cancer free as of today!

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Just wanted to share with all of you today. I had my follow-up with my oncologist on Tuesday and have not gotten the results of my bloodwork yet but I'm feeling optimistic. The fear never really goes away but it seems to be getting easier!

Hope everyone else is doing well. Take care.

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I am right behind you. On 6/26 it will be 2 years since my initial surgery. What a roller coaster the last 2 years have been. This site has helped me alot.


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Hi there,

I am thrilled for you! Thanks for posting your good news. In two years, I hope to be doing the very same thing!

All the best,

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Hey bc, I'm sure your results will prove you right! You go! Let us know the results and we'll be here to celebrate with you and cheer to a third year too! ~ Wanda

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What a milestone. Congratulations! Well wishes being sent your way.


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Congratulations. How wonderful.

I just made the 1 year mark. Yeah!!!



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Congratulations!! I believe the result will be positive.

Wow,two years. It really cheers me up. I will be starting my first round of chemo this coming Thursday. Scared, but feel peaceful in mind after reading messages from friends in this wonderful site.

Let's know the result. We can throw a party here.
Congratulations again.

You are in my prayer...

Rosa (New York)

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Conratulations....each time one of us gets to a milestone it imparts hope for everyone who comes here. Hey--if you find the secret for losing the fear factor--tell me!
Kanga---the "macho" guy who is supposed to act like a he man--oh yeah--in my dreams!lol!

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I really needed this posting right now. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And THANK YOU for sharing it with us. Hope you find a big way to celebrate. Every milestone is major.

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